Saturday, August 18, 2012

A visit in Detmold, Germany...

 We also spend 10 days in Germany on our way home to North America. First we stopped in Detmold and visited a lot of German Intern Alumni. It was so good to see everyone again and great to introduce Germany to Jacob, his first time in the country!

 We had lots of amazing Germany food, pork schnitzel, German bread, cheeses and lots of fresh fruit. We stayed with Will's parents. Willi on the right and his wife Helene is on the left. We also ate with Markus in the back and his girlfriend, Laura. Good times!

 We noticed that everyone had a cell phone or ipad and no one really talked to the people around them, so strange!

 Willi and Helene showed us their apartment not far away and we were amazed that they could leave their shoes outside their door and no one would steal them. :)

Willi and Helene in their home.

 We were also able to see Ben who just arrived back from Central Asia! Willi, Markus and Ben arrived in PNG together when Jacob was there in 2005!

 Of course you can't get together with Germans without playing Settlers of Catan...

 It was fun to meet Edgard and Thomas who are headed over to PNG for a year in Sept!

 Willi, Edgard, Markus, Thomas, Jacob and I

 And you can't go to Detmold without seeing Herman the German. :)

 Herman the German held off the Romans when they attacked Germany a long time ago.

 Thomas, Edgard, Markus and Jacob

 We also got to see Andy again and meet his wife Marina. And we got to meet Franz who works with NTM Germany, sending all the German interns our way. Willi's sister, LeAnna and her husband Dennis joined us as well!

We always enjoyed traveling from place to place by train, except of course for the one time we got on the wrong train. :)

Heading out to Dessau in East Germany.

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