Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Photos for 2013!

 We all enjoyed celebrating Easter together this year with my family in MA... and we had to take the traditional Easter photos. :) Sarah, my sister, and I in our Easter best. :)

 Grandma and I :)
 Grandma, my mom's mom, now lives with my parents, at age 93, she is healthy and enjoying life!

 Jonathan's first Easter celebration!

 The Grandparents, Dennis and Corrine, with our little man!

 Great Grandma isn't quite sure what to do when Jonathan's starts crying...

But a hug always helps!

Time to go... into the car seat...

Hanging out in Massachusetts... Feb and March

 Relaxing on the couch like a big boy...

 Dad cleaning the gums...

 Cozy and asleep!

 A visit from Auntie Sarah!

 Looks like a little angel at the moment... but at other times it doesn't seem like it. :)

 Reading with Dad.

 Jonathan's first time at Friendly's with Grandma and Great Grandma!

 It was great to have Danny and Tammy and family come for a visit... Jacob and Danny love to play chess!

Danny and Tammy are in the process of adopting their two fosters children, so we aren't able to post their family pictures online yet... have to wait until they are officially adopted... but I have a great family picture to post when the time is right!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jonathan's first two months of life...

Just after Jonathan's first bath...nice and cozy!

 Dad and Jonathan, going for a ride around the house.

 Sleeping like a baby...

Jacob and I are enjoying lots of time with our son... taking lots of pictures... I couldn't decide which ones to include so I had to share a lot!

So cute!

 Where did Jonathan go?

 There he is...

 Nap time

 Father and Son reading together...

After one month... Sleepy and ready for a nap....

 Starting to doze...


 Asleep and tipping over.

Jonathan's first shoes... he can't walk, but the shoes help the parents by keeping the socks on his feet!
Always so tired! Yet he sleeps so much!

 Posing as Superman.

 Like Father, like son.

 Jonathan is 7 weeks old! Times goes by so fast!

 He is so proud that he gets to sit on the couch all by himself.

 A very happy baby!

We love watching him smile at us!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Grandma's 93rd birthday...

We celebrated Grandma's 93rd birthday on Friday with dinner at 99 and ice cream cupcakes at home. :) She loved it!

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