Thursday, September 27, 2012

At Home in MA...

We arrived home to Massachusetts just in time to help my parents move my Grandmother from her assisted living apartment to my parents' home in MA. Here my grandma is right at home!

My Grandmother's last Sunday at her church in CT where she played the organ for 60 years!

 At home with my parents, sister Sarah and grandma... Sunday dinner together!

Enjoying our first restaurant experience out with my parents! :)

Labor Day Weekend in Rushford, NY...

 A Weaver family tradition has always been the festivities of Rushford Labor Day weekend! So of course we had to go visit my Grandma, Aunt and Uncle in western, NY for to celebrate with them. The big event of the weekend is the Demolition Derby! Great fun!

 This is just the beginning of the afternoon... this year we watched some crazy things happen, including a car flip. Don't worry, everyone was ok!

 By the end of the afternoon there is no longer any green grass and the cars that have been able to get into more then one heat look a bit crazy!

 The horse pull is also another big event of the weekend!

 And we enjoyed the Chili Contest because we could taste and vote!

 The Chili judges... Jacob actually voted for the same Chili as the judges!

 And of course there is the Labor Day parade on Monday with the Rushford Band.

 And there are always lots of kids ready to catch all the candy that the people in the parade throws their way. This guy is expecting to get A LOT of candy this year! And it looks like his sister is trying to steal some of it while he isn't looking. :)

 My Uncle Roy is the Pastor of the Belville Wesleyan Church and they also made a float!

Uncle Roy in the back of the float.

 Jacob is sure that Interface in Papua New Guinea needs one of these vehicles!

 And he says this would be very handy as well!

And we had to go to the antique car show!

Quick visit in Chicago on the way to WI...

We stopped in Chicago for lunch, to visit my cousin, Cora and family, as we were traveling to Waukesha, WI.

Anna and Makayla

Then on to NTBI Waukesha!

 We are so thankful for the car that God provided for us during our Home Assignment! From western, NY we headed to Waukesha, WI to visit friends and the New Tribes Bible Institute.

 Josh and Ali & family live in the area too, so we stopped in for a visit!

 We enjoyed our stay with our good friend Sarah Pauli at the Bible School. She is now the dean of women there after living in a tribe in PNG for 10 years! We miss her in PNG but we are happy that she is right where God has her. And now she is dating a wonderful man!

 We also got to see a few Interface Alumni at the Bible School including Nicky who was an associate at Interface for a year! She is also attending the Bible school with hopes to go to serve in missions somewhere in the world!

Next stop... NTBI Jackson...

 We really enjoyed our time at the New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, MI where we hung out with Nate, the chef who replaced me in PNG when I went home to get married. Friedy and his wife Johanna are students there at the Bible school as well, Friedy is one of many Interface Alumni attending the Bible School.

 I even had the opportunity to work with Nate in the kitchen. He is the Food Service director there.

 Inside the walk-in cooler, a bit cold! But lots more produce then we can get in PNG! Especially fruit!

I enjoyed chopping fruit and vegetables all morning!

Jacob and Nate eating some ColdStone ice cream. Jacob enjoyed his Coffee ice cream with butterfingers!

Then back to Canada... Onatario!

 It was so good to head back to Durham, Ontario Canada where Jacob and I had been through the NTM training years ago. We got to stay the week with Elissa, a good friend and fellow cook. She was heading over to Interface to be my assistant cook when she found out that her liver is in very bad condition. So she has been unable to join us on staff as of yet. Please pray for Elissa to be healed!

 Of course we had to play Settlers! And had fun hanging out with my good friend, Janet, as well!

Trek from Ontario to Nova Scotia

 As we headed out of Durham in the early morning, ready for our 4 day journey, God sent a rainbow our way. A wonderful reminder of His promises to provide and protect as we continued on our way home.

 We had a chance to stop in to visit Dave and Joyce for lunch, parents of our good friend and former co-worker at Interface.

 Back home in Nova Scotia...during our travels, my sister requested a picture of me, proof of our baby to come! :)

And now we are back in Nova Scotia for 5 whole weeks! And I had to post a picture of the crib that Jacob built that we will use once we return to Interface in PNG!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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