Saturday, November 30, 2013

November...random every day life...

 Hiking? Not sure if Jonathan was too excited.

 Jacob cut my hair! Nice job!

 Jonathan learns a bit about chess. :)

So far he seems to love it!

 Jonathan is ready for the pool!

 This was his first experience in the pool and he had a great time!

Story time with dad!

Jonathan asleep on a "cold" night in the Sepik. :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Renovations are complete!

 A few weeks ago Jacob and crew finished renovating one of the guest houses called Seaview.

 Sien loved to paint and did a lot of the painting along with Laurel, Nina, Nate and Troy.

 Jonathan and I went to visit some afternoons to see the latest progress.

 Nina and Laurel figuring out how the new curtains would work!

 Willi is one of Jacob's workers. He also did a lot of work in the guest house renovation.

 Things are almost finished... just a few dishes to put away and they are ready for the guests!

Jonathan turns 8 months old!

Jonathan loves this little bear and sleeps with it some nights. :)

Our Crates arrived! - Moving to Wewak, Part 2

 We saw the Consort ship come into the dock on Oct 2nd (Jonathan's 8 month birthday!).... we have a great view of the wharf from our back porch! And we hoped that our crates were on this ship!

 Jacob went down to the wharf to find out and sure enough... four crates for the Devines! This truck is our largest so Jacob went to the wharf, about a 5 minute drive, for each crate. We were so excited to get our things after living here in Wewak for about 3 1/2 months!!

Jacob enjoyed using the forklift although he had to be careful because the brakes didn't work very well.

Jonathan didn't know what was happening. :)

 Jacob's four-wheeler almost filled one crate! Jacob is so happy to have it back again... it makes work so much faster as he is able to keep his tools with him instead of walking to and from the workshop.

Jonathan seemed quite interested in the four-wheeler too. :)

Unpacking and moving in!

 Our house turned into a huge mess once again as we brought our furniture and boxes into the house slowly. Jonathan wasn't too happy with the commotion. So it took us awhile to finally move all our furniture in and take out all the guest house furniture. We also had a pile of boxes tucked away in the corner of Jonathan's room until we had time to finish unpacking. Now, 1 month after our crates arrived, we are finally settled in and unpacked. We just have two things left to do... hang up a few curtains and a lot of photos!

 Jonathan didn't like it when we moved the furniture around. But he loved to help me open boxes and play with what was inside. As we continued to unpack, Jonathan continued to become more and more mobile! Now he is crawling all over the house!

 Jonathan content on a nice "cold" morning surrounded by his toys and cozy in his overalls. :)

You will usually find Jonathan just in a diaper at home... here he is enjoying playing the "Find it" game with his dad.

 We think he will be a reader when he grows up. :)


 The ladies on the center came over to our place at 9:30 am on my birthday to surprise me! Shannon made a pineapple "cake" and we all celebrated my birthday. It was a very fun! I enjoyed my first birthday as a mom and my first birthday in the Sepik. It was an especially amazing day because the Yembi Yembi New Testament was dedicated on my birthday. Brooks and Nina, who I went through the NTM language school with, have been working in the Yembi Yembi language group for many years translating and teaching the Word. In 2002 when I was in class with them, I never would have imagined that I would be married with a son, living in Wewak when their New Testament was dedicated. :) So neat that another group of believers has the Bible in their own language!!

A few days later I received two packages for my birthday! One from my parents and one from Jacob's parents. Jonathan was very excited to help me open them. :)

Fun in the Kitchen!

 Jacob and I made about 60 tortillas for those coming to Wewak to go to the Yembi Yembi Bible Dedication. It was an exciting event! And were were glad we could help out a little bit by making some tortillas. (I also made a lot of chocolate chip cookies as well. :) )

 I rolled the tortillas and Jacob cooked them!

 Every Saturday morning Jacob goes to the market in town to buy us some fresh fruit and some veggies. We always have lots of papaya, bananas and pineapple. And lately we have found apple mangos which are so good!

 Jonathan loves to watch me cut veggies and fruits.

And we always have pineapple in the house!

Working in the Business office

 I now work 1 - 1 1/2 hours in the business office, most week days. Sien taught me how everything works in the office. It was easy to learn since I worked in the finance office at Interface for many years. So a lot of it was the same, just a different region. I am happy that I can be of help to the missionaries in this region by counting money. :)

 Jonathan likes to help me too. :)

 But usually he just plays in his pack n play or crawls around on the rug. But normally I go to the office while Jonathan is taking his morning nap. It works out very nicely. :)

Jonathan turns 9 months old!

 On Jonathan's 9 month birthday we are celebrating many things... Jonathan turns 9 months! And we have our own furniture! So now when we take Jonathan's pictures each month he will be on the same couch every time! Over the last 9 months we have moved so much but it is good to be in one place for a change. :)

 Jonathan is enjoying play time on the rug!

 Time for lunch :)

 Jonathan loves the coffee table. And he loves to take everything on it and put it on the ground. :)
 He is a big boy now... two bottom teeth!

 Relaxing in the living room on a cool day!

 "Look mom, I can stand up!"

 Playing with the letter magnets!

 Hanging out with mom on his birthday!

 Jonathan is very excited because Dad is getting his bath water ready. :)

 Bath time is over and now it is time to read a bed time story in the PJs. Jonathan is adjusting to the heat very well. Now he gets cold at night, but he keeps kicking off his blanket so he wears PJs to bed and stays nice and warm. :)

The family!!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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