Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finally... Jacob and I are together!!

Our first picture together as a courting couple in July... on the beaches of Nova Scotia.

It was fun to see the sights of Nova Scotia together!
Then we both headed to MA to see my family again! We took the CAT ferry on part of our journey.

Home in MA once again!

It was good to be home again after being in Papua New Guinea for 2 years! And it was wonderful to introduce Jacob to my family!
My sister, Ruth, and my nephews, Jack and Zander were home for a couple days. So we got to see them as soon as we arrived home! My dad was a bit tired out from chasing the grandkids around. :)
My mom, me and my sister, Ruth.... together again!
We helped my Grandma move into an assisted living apartment in CT.

Ruth and her two boys, Jack and Zander.

Seeing the sights...

We enjoyed stopping in to see Niagra Falls on our way to Ontario.
And I had to take Jacob to see the big tourist attraction in my hometown, Shaker Village.

In Rushford for Labor Day Weekend...

My Grandma and I watching the Labor Day parade.

We used to love the Labor Day celebrations with my grandparents when we were little. So I had to take Jacob to Rushford for Labor Day. The Demolition Derby is always the highlight. We enjoyed watching it with my Uncle Roy and Aunt Marilyn.

Visiting Co-workers in Ontario

We had fun seeing the Chinese side of Ontario with Emerson, Miriam and Emma.

Mt Greylock...

Jacob and I have been to the top of Mt Greylock a few times since we have been together in North America. Once we got to hike a couple hours up and back down again. A few other times we just went to enjoy the view. And one of those times Jacob proposed to me. :) August 17 was the exciting day!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sharing about Papua New Guinea together...

Jacob and I have enjoyed sharing at many churches and a Christian School together. We can't wait to get back to Papua New Guinea! The kids really loved being dressed up like PNG people. :)

My Bridal Shower...

I really enjoyed the Bridal Shower that my mom threw for me! It was so fun to see everyone that came and hear their encouraging words! And there was lots of yummy food!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
Amazing view from our back porch!