Friday, July 27, 2018

Cooking, Piano, Animals, Fish Faces and Building

Naomi's friend, Silas, comes over to visit all the time! It is so fun to watch them play together. Of course there is sometimes screaming, but they are learning how to share. :)

Jonathan learned how to do the "fish face" from big Jonathan, a friend who we got to know when we helped with Interface in Madang in 2015. Our Jonathan was just 2 years old back then!

And now he has taught the "fish face" to Naomi! So funny!

Jonathan followed the directions and built this all by himself!

Playing zoo with all her animals!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Outdoor play with chalk, leaves, trees and friends!

Naomi loves to wave and say "HI!" very enthusiastically to everyone she sees!

Racing is always a favorite activity outside!

Hopscotch is also a fun thing we do with chalk outside!

And Jonathan loves to write letters... here he is thinking of how to finish writing the alphabet!

Drawing a BIG BIG pizza on the cement!

Silas and Naomi, best of friends!

They always say each others names and run to see each other when they get to play together, which is every day!

Micah was here visiting for a few days,. Jonathan loved that! His family headed back to the US for Home Assignment for 6 months.

Fun with leaves, sprinkling and throwing them down the slide!

Not quite sure how to slide down with all those leaves at the bottom!

Tree climbing is an every day occurrence around here!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


We are quite excited that our friend's daughter, Joya, and Naomi are now playing nicely together! It has taken about a year, but they enjoy each other now and look forward to seeing each other!!

Jonathan and Naomi playing with Joya!

Ben, Mary and Joya, friends from Word Made Flesh visiting from their village of Baku. Mary is an Interface Hospitality Alumni so it is so fun to have her here in Wewak sometimes!

Jonathan and Linda play every day together and love to eat snacks together!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Indepedence Day Celebrations!

Happy Canada Day to All from the three Canadians in our home! :)

We celebrated with a strawberry cheesecake and hot chocolate!

And we also got out the Nova Scotian molasses! I made biscuits for lunch and we gave some to Lisa, who helps out around the house. She also loved it!

Happy Independence Day to All from the three Americans in our home! We celebrated with a campfire cookout with our coworkers. Funny thing though, there were people that joined us from Germany, Australia and Canada too. :)

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