Wednesday, December 27, 2017

More Christmas Package fun!

Two days after Christmas we received three more boxes for Christmas!

This airplane was from grandma and grandpa... Jonathan loves the fact that it shoots missiles. :)

And Naomi got her first tablet from her Great Uncle Allen and Aunt Trudi

Here she is sporting he new sneakers from Grandma.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Outdoor Fun!

Looking over at the airport and the planes flying in.

Jonathan got a slingshot for Christmas! Jacob is showing him how to use it. :)

No broken windows yet!

How far can you shoot into the jungle?

Christmas! Fun times!

Jonathan got me a bubble gun, so I won't have to blow the bubbles, just shoot them out in the air. :)

Jacob gave me material to make new meri blouses out of... it is a good thing that I can ask someone else to make them for me because I can't sew very well!

Jonathan got his dad a ball so that they can go outside and play together!

Christmas Stockings and Breakfast!

Jonathan and Naomi were quite excited on Christmas morning when they got up to open their stockings before breakfast!

Bubbles are a treat to have here! Very fun for both children! And we actually found some for sale at the pharmacy in town!

Naomi likes her new meri blouse (shirts that women wear here), and it is her first meri blouse too!

The kids always want to see what dad has to open!

Jacob made me a video using video clips that we took of Naomi her first weeks of life. Love it!

Jonathan really wanted to have donuts for breakfast on Christmas, so I tried a new recipe, except for the recipe called for a donut pan, which I didn't have... so I tried to make one myself... it didn't work so well.

But the muffins with holes tasted really good... applesauce donuts. :)

We also had oatmeal and papaya for breakfast on Christmas morning.

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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