Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving in CT

 Our first visit to Cracker barrel for breakfast, on our way to Thanksgiving in CT after picking up our good friend Nate from the airport!

 A scenic stop at the Craziest car wash in the world. :)

 Thanksgiving with friends and family  in CT at my Aunt and Uncle house!

 Jonathan meets his second cousins, Megan and Carrie. :)

 Our good friend, Nate, joined us for Thanksgiving this year! So fun!

 So much yummy food!

And Apple Pie! All Natural, made with apples, apple juice concentrate and a whole wheat crust. :)

And back home in MA... making homemade applesauce with Nate... such good smells and its delicious!

My dad and I

 The recipe comes from my mom... apples tasol. :)

 Nate, my Dad, me and Jonathan, Jacob , my mom - a fun time was had by all this Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Arrival in the USA!

We arrived in PA and were greeted by Jacob's brother, Josh and his 16 month old son, Marshall. It was very fun to meet Marshall for the first time! And of course see Josh again, who brought Jonathan's first ever car seat with him. He is happy to have his very own seat with his very own seat belt. He likes it! :)

 Meeting Marshall, Jonathan's cousin on Jacob's side of the family.

Cousins, together at last!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Visit to Detmold...

 Jonathan saw his first snow flakes fall in Detmold, Germany. But nothing stuck to the ground. He is still waiting to see snow here in North America. :)

 So cold!

 Jonathan was very happy to play with our friends, Willi and Helene's children, Nora and Lucas, even though they didn't know the same language. :)

 Jacob was busy learning German from Lucas.

 Jonathan was busy playing with the train!

 An outing to see Herman the German... just enough space in the car. :)

 Herman the German!

 Willi & Lucas, Jacob & Jonathan. Lucas and Jonathan are just 10 days apart in age! Oh and Willi was an intern at Interface in 2003-2004. And then returned again as an associate from 2005-2007. Jacob arrived in PNG in 2005 and overlapped with Willi just for a few weeks.

 There was lots of laughing going on between Jonathan and Lucas!

 Jonathan was so amazed by all the toys! :)

 Dinner with Willi & Helene and Markus & Laura at a German restaurant. Yum! Markus was an intern at Interface in 2005-06!

 Andy and Marina came to see us in Detmold as well as Daniel! Andy was an intern at Interface in 2008-2009. And Daniel was an intern at Interface in 2009-2010.

 A Settlers game in Germany was a must! So fun!

 Jonathan enjoyed playing 'with' Andy's son, Moses. :)

 Driving on the Autobahn with Andy... in Kilometers not miles. :)

 Andy, Marina, Moses and Max at the park.

 Moses and Jonathan having a great time, they are also just days apart in age. :)

 Richard also came to visit us in Detmold, so fun! He was an intern in 2011-2012.

 We really enjoyed our time at Willi and Helene's place with their children Lucas and Nora. So fun! It was great to be in Germany and see so many friends from Papua New Guinea. So neat to see where God placed everyone now!

Jonathan and Lucas had a great time together even though they couldn't talk to each other! :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Visit to Fruedenstadt...

 Jonny drove us down to visit our friends, the Zimmermans, in Fruedenstadt, just an hour south of Stuttgart. And of course we had to get a picture of the two Jonathans. :)

 Gustaf, Catherine and Elgin Zimmerman... such amazing yummy food and fellowship!

 Elgin enjoyed spending time with Jonathan!

 Elgin had a little play place for kids, which Jonathan loved as well!

 Jacob was very impressed with Gustaf's mechanic skills in keeping old vehicles running. :)

 Gustaf and Jacob talking on the train before we left.

A little bit of shopping in Germany

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