Saturday, September 10, 2011

Taking the workshop guys out to eat...

Pete and Jacob took the national workers out to eat. Morobe, Samson, Moyalopi and Kino are just 4 of the normal guys that work in the shop 4 days a week. Doski, not in the picture, also work in the shop. It was a good relationship building time!

Training the new guys...

 We just welcomed our three new German Interns, Jonny, Diemo and Marco a few weeks ago. Now Jacob is enjoying his one-on-one time of training. Each of the Interns is learning how to run an area of the workshop! This is Johnny mastering the finer points of the table saw. He is in charge of the woodworking aspect of running the campus.
Diemo has the responsibility of looking over the vehicles and mechanical areas of the shop. He needs to be able to do everything from changing the oil in the Generator to repairing the blinkers in the old green Hilux. Marco is responsible for welding, plumbing and electrical so he is too busy... no picture yet... next time. :)

Packing for the Madang Conference...

 A few months ago the Missionaries in the Madang Region of PNG asked me to go to Madang to cater their yearly Missionary conference. I was excited to do this until I realized that we are hosting the Wycliffe teenagers for a retreat the same weekend. But Lena and I talked about it and we thought we could do it together. I could plan and order the food. We could get together and do a lot of prep cooking and put everything in the freezer.
So that is what we did this week... here is the result of our planning and prepping... 31 boxes of prepped sauces, cooked meats, baked cookies and dry mixes, ready to go! Lena will fly down to the Madang conference at the end of the month and use all our prepped items to cook for them for their conference. She will have help though because she is cooking for 80! Never thought I'd cater via airplane. :)

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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