Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in PNG 2010!

 Ethan, Jonas, Richard, Till, Jacob and I after a fun evening decorating for Christmas!
 The guys love to goof around... I think this is called "male-bonding". :)

 I'm just tired from all the excitement of decorating for Christmas for the first time in PNG with my Jacob!
 Jacob made a new coffee table for us... thanks to Danny who left us the legs of his old coffee table. :)

 Time to make Christmas cookies!
 Look it's Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus. :)

 The final products... I hope our co-workers like their cookies... we tried to make some look like our co-workers. :)
 Christmas Morning!!

We gave the guys Bibles in Pidgin English for Christmas.
 We learned how to grow snow, thanks Uncle Allen and Aunt Trudi!
 It even snowed here on Christmas. :)

And we got to make a fire in our wood stove for the 2nd time! It was so cold and rainy on Christmas, probably about 55 degrees. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kitchen workers Christmas Bung (get together)

 First, I made banana bread, lots of banana bread. We gave a loaf of banana bread to each of the ladies for Christmas. I actually made a total of 20 banana loaves because we gave one to each of the workers that work with Jacob in the shop too.

 We showed the ladies our wedding pictures and then we watched the movie Ratatouille.
 They were glued to the TV. :)
 Banana bread ready to go...
All the ladies who work in the kitchen... Efeke, Piku, Kesi, Ninike, Suzanna, Utu,on the top row.... Loli, Rose, me, Julie and Sone on the bottom row.... Linet was missing though :(

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Missionary Aviation Fellowship comes to ITF

 After the menu is planned and the food is ordered we head into town to buy the veggies, fruit, bread and meat for our conference... this time we hosted the MAF pilots for a workshop. And I got to teach Drew how supply run works so he can do it for me... great fun!
 We go to the market with a list of veggies we need in KGs then we weigh as we buy. Jacob has learned a lot about this in the last year.
 I really enjoy going to the market and buying so much, helping the people out. If someone has really good green beans I like to buy them all... then the green bean seller's job is done for the day. :) Here I am just buying a few sugar fruit to eat at home.

 Sarah Pauli, my good friend, visited for 2 1/2 weeks! It was so fun to hang out with Sarah again! We hadn't seen her since our wedding. She was here for our MAF conference and Thanksgiving!
 We had fun working in the kitchen together for MAF.
 It was fun to make a HUGE Thanksgiving meal for all the pilots, even though there was not a single American among them.... they still loved the food. And the staff appreciated the American Thanksgiving meal. :)
 They loved the cinnamon rolls.... ate every last bit. :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Goroka University...

 After our busy weekend we decided to take a day off and go check out the University in town... the German guys and Ethan were also interested in seeing it too. Jonas is checking out the sign...
 We even got an official tour of the place... there are 1832 students studying music, sciences and humanitarian sciences.
 Here is the library.

This is the computer room inside the library.
 Here is the lecture hall/theater.
 The music department even played a bit for us... It sounded really good! The piece that they played for us was based on a traditional PNG chant.
 We were pretty impressed with the PNG music that they sang, harmonizing and playing PNG instruments...

Catering Spiritual Emphasis Weekend...

Jacob helped me with food prep the last day of our catering adventure. Usually I have the help of 4-5 national ladies (which I forgot to take a picture of) but they had Sunday off so I had to recruit Jacob. :)
After prepping and cooking all morning we loaded the Land Cruiser full of coolers, serving dishes and bread.
We only catered the noon meal. And then we brought all the food prepped and ready to go for the supper meal... usually sandwiches, soup and salads.
Then we were off to cater for 70 teenagers at our NTM Center, just 1/2 hours drive away.
Lena and her crew awaited us... Joanie, Natasha, Patrick and Steve. They helped us serve and do the dishes.
 The kids seemed to enjoy the food!
We heard that it was a great time for the missionary kids to grow closer to God and closer as a group.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


We enjoy having the guys over for meals... Till is really enjoying his taco! And this week we started cooking classes again with the two new German interns. Fun!

 Richard and Jonas have been here for a couple months now. They have settled in a bit to life in PNG and they have learned a bit more English. So now it is time for cooking classes to being! First, we talk about the plan for the class... what we want to make and what do you do first?
 We check out the recipes and figure out what everything is and if we have everything on hand.
 Then the guys get busy chopping...
 I just help with the boring jobs like de-boning chicken and I let them do everything else. :)
 Richard is having fun making dough for rolls.
 Jonas is putting together the chicken enchilada casserole! Yum! I wonder what they will want to make next week in their cooking class....

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