Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in PNG 2010!

 Ethan, Jonas, Richard, Till, Jacob and I after a fun evening decorating for Christmas!
 The guys love to goof around... I think this is called "male-bonding". :)

 I'm just tired from all the excitement of decorating for Christmas for the first time in PNG with my Jacob!
 Jacob made a new coffee table for us... thanks to Danny who left us the legs of his old coffee table. :)

 Time to make Christmas cookies!
 Look it's Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus. :)

 The final products... I hope our co-workers like their cookies... we tried to make some look like our co-workers. :)
 Christmas Morning!!

We gave the guys Bibles in Pidgin English for Christmas.
 We learned how to grow snow, thanks Uncle Allen and Aunt Trudi!
 It even snowed here on Christmas. :)

And we got to make a fire in our wood stove for the 2nd time! It was so cold and rainy on Christmas, probably about 55 degrees. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kitchen workers Christmas Bung (get together)

 First, I made banana bread, lots of banana bread. We gave a loaf of banana bread to each of the ladies for Christmas. I actually made a total of 20 banana loaves because we gave one to each of the workers that work with Jacob in the shop too.

 We showed the ladies our wedding pictures and then we watched the movie Ratatouille.
 They were glued to the TV. :)
 Banana bread ready to go...
All the ladies who work in the kitchen... Efeke, Piku, Kesi, Ninike, Suzanna, Utu,on the top row.... Loli, Rose, me, Julie and Sone on the bottom row.... Linet was missing though :(

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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