Thursday, February 12, 2009

January 09 Interface team begins...

Jonny, Craig, Caleb, Tobi, Brent, David, Andy, Daniel, Tyler, Sarah, Layne, Becky, Erica, Helen and Pam - our January Interface team.
INTERFACE staff - Peter, Rachel and boys; Fred; Rex; Emerson, Miriam and Emma; Steve, Judy and girls; Danny, Tammy and Addie; Laura; Nicky; Beth; Janie. We as a staff were so excited to meet them all when they arrived on Jan 3rd. And we were amazed to watch God work in their lives during their 4 weeks here.

Hospitality team - Jotham, Josiah, Fred, Laura, Beth and Ariel. We had fun working in the kitchen together.

Classes for the students came in many forms...

Time to learn pidgin english from their language helpers.
Sharing time around the campfire.
Intense learning about all God is doing through missions.
Teachers from all over PNG came to share their knowledge as well as teachers from the States.

Fun times for the students...

One afternoon they went on a crazy muddy hike to the river.
One day they spent in town checking buying artifacts, touring the coffee factory and learning more about PNG.

Crazy game of hoops.
Village market... a plethoric amount of bilems for sale.

And Volleyball is one of the favorite sports.

Fun times with Food...

Josiah, an MK from the Islands region, was a huge help this program in the kitchen.
Breakfast of champions... Pancakes!
Anyone like some fruit salad?
A typical buffet table, soup and biscuits for supper.
Making lasagna, one of the favorites.
Utu and Efeke helping pack up some trail mix for our sack lunches into the side trip location.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First Leg of our Side Trip Jouney - by Plane

I had the privilege once again of going with the students into a tribal location. I went to cook while they saw first hand how God was working in the believers lives. It was an amazing time for the students as they interacted with the missionaries who had worked in the tribe for years. The students loved getting to know the tribal believers, 90% of the village.
Peter, team leader, and I gathering the weights of all boxes and coolers before our flight.
We took two planes... a small 5 passenger and a larger 15 passenger plane. It is so important to have support missionaries on the mission field. What would the tribal missionaries do without MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) and NTMA (New Tribes Mission Aviation)?
There were many people there to greet us when we landed, after flying for 1 1/2 hours.
We traveled in the back of this truck from the airstrip to the dock where we would get to travel by boat. The students were very excited about that!

Second Leg of the Journey - by boat

I'm thankful that we didn't need to use the typical PNG boat!
Loading up the boat with people.
Loading up the other boat with food and supplies for our 1 hour ride.

Last leg of jouney - hiking into the tribal location...

Our hike took 3 hours and 45 minutes and it was hot!!!
Crossing creeks... nice cold water on the feet... felt wonderful!
Some of the believers from the village hiked out to help us carry all our food and bags. It is a good source of income for them. And we had a lot! One bag for each of us, 17 total, plus 3 coolers of food and about 10 other boxes of food and supplies.
The hike was pretty level and straight except for a couple creeks and bridges.
We were so excited to arrive in the village finally!!
After a long day starting with a 5:30 breakfast we were so excited to finally see the missionaries, Jan and Annette, in the village!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Believers worshiping...

They now have the Bible in their own tribal language!!!
The students had the priveldge of worshiping with the Tribal believers on side trip.

Believers in the tribal side trip location...

National ladies teaching the student ladies how to weave baskets...

The last morning of our side trip...

We are all ready for our hike out followed by a boat ride but this time we overnighted at the NTM guest house before flying back to the Highlands.

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