Monday, July 30, 2007

July/August INTERFACE team

Pray that God would continue to challenge the students lives for missions as we head out on Friday for the side trip to a few bush locations. I get to go and cook for one group headed into the jungles of the Sepik! Pray for safety as well! Thanks!


Doug and Cheryl; Emerson, Miriam and Emma; Doug and Kara; Janie; Simon; Simple; Dave and Sally; Herb, Jana, Caleb and Alicia; and me.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back in the Kitchen again!

Julie and I are sporting our new aprons, made by the Pioneer Girls in my home church. All the national ladies LOVE them and put them on immediately! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Arrival in PNG!!

I made it here with both my bags! I was able unpack my whole house in 2 days and now I am full swing in the kitchen again. It is rather crazy! But God continues to give me strength. In case you need proof of my arrival, I will post a picture tomorrow as proof. :)

Heading to my Final stop... Bribane, Australia

Sorry, I have no pictures of Brisbane because all I did was sleep there, I was so dead. I was thankful for all my layovers because it has helped me get over jet lag so much faster once I arrived and jumped right into everything.

Second stop... Honolulu, Hawaii

It was my first time traveling through! Beautimous, but hot! The same as Alberta, just added humidity. But I still enjoyed relaxing before the craziness of the kitchen started again. :)
I enjoyed my full day in Hawaii wandering around... my last bit of freedom before returning to PNG!

First stop... Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

I really enjoyed my time in Alberta visiting a friend and his family for 5 days!

The World's Largest Teepee

One of Medicine Hat's landmarks is the world's largest teepee. It gest bigger as you get closer to it!
I tried to use the self timer and ran but I didn't quite make it, in order to face forward in time. :)

Heading back to PNG...

My parents thought it was pretty funny that my carry on, back pack was bigger than me. :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Goodbye to family...

Please pray as I have to say Goodbye to my family for 2 years. Pray for my family as well! It is always bittersweet to say goodbye. I will miss them, yet I am very excited to return to PNG.

Goodbye to my car...

Saturday was a sad day because I had to give my car back to Charley (man from one of my supporting churches in CT). I was so thankful for his generosity! He let me use his extra car for the entire time I was home. I have enjoyed the freedom of driving while I had a chance because in PNG I don't have that freedom.

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
Amazing view from our back porch!