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On November 7th, I became Beth's husband! I am excited to join the ministry of interface. I am also excited about all that God has for Beth and I as we both enter into this new chapter of our lives. For now, I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone who reads her blog which is now our blog. J I know everyone already knows about me from Beth's previous posts. I am very excited about all that the future holds for Beth and I as a married couple. I look forward to the excitement that living in a developing country always brings and the opportunities that being a missionary entails. However, as I look toward the future I realize the gravity and seriousness of what Beth and I are doing. I am not expecting that adjusting to married life, a new culture, and a new job will be easy. I find it easy to be intimidated by all these seemingly huge tasks that are ahead of Beth and I. But, in reality, these are not tasks but opportunities, and opportunity is what makes life exciting. In the words of G.K. Chesterton, "life …was an ecstasy because it was an adventure; it was an adventure because it was an opportunity."


The Hours before our Wedding Ceremony on November 7th... Picture time!

 Jacob-  the first time he saw me on our wedding day. :)

We had our pictures taken before the ceremony. So this was the first time I walked down the aisle to meet Jacob. :)
Ruth, (my sister) bridesmaid and Sarah, (missionary friend from PNG) maid of honor with me.

Three sisters together again! Ruth, me and Sarah
My Grandma made it to the wedding!
Mother and Daughter
Mother, Father and Daughter
Father and Daughter
The Weaver Family together again!
Lily, such a cute flower girl!
Jacob's parents (Stanley and Cheryl) and brother, Josh with Jacob and I
Brothers, together again!
Mother and Son
Father and Son
Taking a little breather from pictures
We managed to stand the cold of outside for a few pictures. :)
It was a beautiful day!!!
Jacob and I with our photographer, my Uncle Harry... he did an excellent job!!
The wedding party, Ruth, Sarah, Josh, Greg, Lily, Jacob and I.
Greg, Jacob and Josh
Jacob and Josh
Greg and Jacob
Jacob and I with Jacob's grandparents

Jacob and I with my parents
Jacob and I with our German brothers, Chris and Rich.

The Marriage Ceremony of Jacob and Beth

Greg, Jacob's Groomsman and friend escorting Grandma
Amy, friend from high school, playing as everyone walked in
Josh escorting Cheryl, his mom
Uncle David escorting Corrine, my mom
Ruth, my sister, bridesmaid
Sarah, missionary friend from PNG, my maid of honor
Lily, daughter of Amy, pianist

Giving away of the Bride.
Singing "And Can It Be"
Now Mr. and Mrs. !!

Josh, Jacob's brother, played a piano solo and also played as everyone was walking out.
Just a few more pictures after the ceremony...
On to the Reception!!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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