Monday, April 27, 2009

Latest "Family" Photo...

At a local Restaurant... Tobi, Jonny, Andy, Nicky and I... in a few months we will all be going off in different directions. Very sad, but exciting to see what God will do next in all of our lives.

Intern Kitchen Building Project...

A typical cabin at Interface... soon to become a really nice Intern Kitchen.

Steve and Jonny working hard.

The Intern Kitchen will be used for the short term guys who come to help out for a year. They will be able to live in cabins, cook and hang out in the Intern Kitchen/living room.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tobi's birthday celebration...

We all went out to a local restaurant called, The Steak House, to celebrate Tobi's 20th birthday! Here is Nicky's food, Janie, Andy and Jonny.
Danny and Tammy joined us for the celebration... lots of yummy food!
Danny and Tammy's daughter, Addie, couldn't quite eat all her food... so much!
Tobi, the birthday boy, and Addie.
My order... Red Emperor Fish... it was really good and it took me two days to eat it!

More celebrations at my house...

Nicky's yummy apple pie! FYI... it is not a good idea to put candles in a hot pie unless you want wax to go with your pie. :)
Nicky, Tobi, Andy, Jonny and I enjoyed Nicky's yummy pie with my yummy homemade ice cream on top!

A Visit to the Village...

Superbowl Party!!

We were all very excited to finally watch the Superbowl this year! We had to wait a few weeks longer than all of you because our copy was mailed to us from the states. But it was worth the wait... lots of superbowl food, football, friends and fun!

Moving back to Interface after more Tribal fighting...

Just after the January Interface team left, the tribal fighting broke out near us once again. This was the third time in one year. I was quite discouraging. Once again God gave us wisdom and strength as He guided us to move to the NTM Center close by. We lived there for one week wondering what would happen next... would we hold the Critical Incident Workshop at the NTM Center or at Interface? The fighting continued so we held it at the NTM Center. But it was a lot less work then having an Interface Program at the NTM Center. The missionaries on base helped us cook for the main meal each day. We didn't have time to move out our stove and equipment for a 6 day workshop. So we settled into life at Lapilo once again as we cooked for the workshop. And shortly after the workshop ended, the fighting did as well. So we loaded the truck, once again, with all our stuff and headed back to Interface!! That is why Nicky and I are so happy in this photo!! Since then may prayers have been answered as the Bena Beleivers now are very excited to do an outreach to one group that is a part of the fighting!! And this group is so excited to hear about God's talk!! Please pray!!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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