Sunday, November 26, 2023

Christmas Decorating


This year the kids helped me put the tree together and were very excited about getting it all done Saturday and Sunday!

Fun time was had by all!!  

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Turkey Trot and Thanksgiving!


It was Naomi's first race! So we all ran together, well, at least I thought that was the plan! :)

As you can see Naomi has taken off like a rocket and left me far behind. It took a whole lap for me to catch up to her! I think she has been getting strong leg muscles running around every week in PE class! Jonathan was WAY ahead of us!

Jonathan came in 3rd overall! :)

I love this photo! She was so proud of her accomplishment!

All hot and sweaty after the race.

Now to celebrate Thanksgiving!

We enjoyed an afternoon with 2 families and enjoyed lots of yummy food and pies! And we even managed to have a little leftover! Its been awhile since I made a gluten free pumpkin pie sweetened with coconut sugar. So good! I will be making another for Christmas!

Friday, November 10, 2023

Dr. Suess day in First Grade!


Can you guess who Naomi dressed up as for Dr Suess Day?

And I made brownie Whoville. :)

After a busy fun day, Naomi comes to the guesthouse to help us make hamburger rolls. :)

Random Life in PNG - November


Jonathan got some new clothes from a friend and decided that getting dressed neatly and organizing himself well at the desk with a light and no outside distractions (closed the curtain) would help him focus. He is now ready to do his homework!

Naomi also got new clothes from a friend, and she loves the tights!

It was a serious game!

Naomi, Naomi and Lily at play again! 

Sandra invited a few ladies (Brynn, Lauren, Rebekah and Lisi) and made brunch for us to celebrate my birthday! It was very nice!

They loved to be twins!

Family photo time!


We moved here to Goroka to manage the guesthouse in July 2019 and we are thankful to continue our work here 4 years later... Now Jonathan is almost 11 and Naomi is 7.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Happy 7th Birthday Naomi!!


We had a family party on Naomi's birthday!

Playing Skip-bo with the ladies for Naomi's birthday

Then we had a friend party and invited all Naomi's friends :)

Jacob instructed the girls how to burn their wood and then made a little necklace carving 

Then he heated up waffles in the fire for everyone. And made some sausgages.

And another celebration at school! Naomi is now officially 7 years old!

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