Monday, February 27, 2017

And our last leg of our journey!

 Las Vegas to LA, California... our last stop before heading to PNG!

 Naomi turned 4 months old in the airport!

 We visited my aunt and uncle near LA and headed up getting a chance to see our friend, Ope as well. :) Unfortunately I am not so good at picture taking with a baby and 4 year old yet...

 Then we were on our way again...

 Naomi had her own bed on our 11 1/2 hour flight from LA to Figi!


 From Figi we went to the Solomon Islands for a brief stop before arriving in the capital of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby... here we were waiting for our final flight... Jonathan loves to make Naomi laugh!

 And here we are... in Wewak, Papua New Guinea~!

Thank you all for praying!!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

One more stop before PNG!

 And we are off.... now from Tennessee to Las Vegas to visit my sister and family... and my mom flew in too!

 We did a lot of sleeping on the planes!

 It was so fun to be with my mom and sister and family again!

 My sister Ruth, Jonathan, Naomi and I enjoying the sights

 Jonathan waiting for the flash flood to come down the rock.

 Grandma and Jonathan enjoying the train.

 My sister is 6 foot 1 inch but this tallest man is WAY taller then her!!

 Where's Jonathan?

 We enjoyed a family get together to celebrate three birthdays in our family! Jack, Jonathan and Alena! Very fun!

 My nieces, Alena and Alyssa

 Jonathan and Jack, cousins, playing the hand game that Grandma taught them

 Alena and Naomi

 Ruthie and Dale, and Mom watching the kids have a blast on the rides!

 And my mom ventured out too!

 Jack, Alyssa, Zander, Jonathan and Alena

 Alena, Jack and Jonathan, the birthday boys and girl

 Ruth and Jack, mother and son

Strawberry cream filling... we still talk about it in PNG... yum!!

 A few last cuddles with grandma before we head to PNG

 Crazy rides!


Grandma and her grandchildren... even though Naomi isn't so happy at the moment. :)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

On our way to Papau New Guinea!

 Our last mother daughter photo, all cozy and warm before we left for PNG!

 We left Halifax, Nova Scotia in the very early morning and it looked like this!! We weren't sure if the plane was going to leave! But it did! Just a 1/2 hour delay!

 Our last glimpse of snow for 2-3 years!

 Naomi seemed to enjoy the plane rides, but not the freezing cold snow!

 We had a variety of activities on the planes... we ate...

 We slept

Jonathan always seems to be able to sleep comfortably!

And Naomi did too!

 And then we arrived in Fargo, North Dakota... but we were missing Jonathan's coat... hence the very large sweatshirt... thankfully it was 50 degrees F in Fargo for the few days we were there! And he didn't need a coat anymore after

 We went to visit Marcie who has done so much for us in PNG! Whenever we need something from Walmart, or Jacob needs a part for something in the workshop, we email Marcie and she sends it our way, very quickly!

 Bob and Marcie and their daughter Laurie.. we had a great visit!

 Naomi helped pack up our suitcase after our trip to Fargo!

 Then we headed to Tennessee to see my good friend Sarah! She and I were single missionaries together in Papua New Guinea, first meeting at Interface in 1996! She was translating the Bible on an island in New Ireland and I was at Interface. She would come visit me and sometimes help out at the Interface Kitchen! And here we are a few years later...both married, with two children of our own...

 We just had our babies 3 weeks apart! Eli and Naomi :) Future friends :)

 And our other sons, Sarah's James and my Jonathan. 

 They loved playing together!

And then back to the airport... the airline gave Jonathan this cool little wooden plane that he played with until we got on the next flight!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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