Sunday, April 13, 2008


I am cooking up a "little" Beef Stroganoff for the Highlands Conference. We needed about 10 Gallons! The Highlands Conference didn't go quite as planned because of some unrest among the Tribal People around us. We had to move the location of the Conference to the Headquarters, 45 minutes away. But they didn't have a kitchen that we could use to cook for 110 people. So we decided to cater the conference. It was my first catering experience so I was relying on God more then ever to help me think through everything that needed to happen. We didn't decide to do this until 6 hours before the first meal, so it was quiet an overwhelming thing at first. But it was neat to see how God worked out all the details. I got to work with my "ITF Family" as we cooked for the many people that weren't here. :) By the way, there is no more unrest among the Tribal People around us. Thank you for praying!!
Caught in the act of licking! :)
Chris isn't quite sure why there is no meat in the soup. :)
The Boat with our Commercial Mixer still hasn't arrived so we resorted to using a drill with an bit for mixer dry wall mud. It worked beautifully! Plus Mike had a bit of fun! Much easier than mashing 30 kgs of potatoes by hand!
Licking the "mixer" attachment. :)
I didn't actually mash any potatoes, but I thought it would be a good picture :) ... my arms are still too weak for a powerful drill.
Ninike and Julie have just a few dishes to wash... everything that came back from where we were catering to...
Ninike, washing dishes...

Banquet for the Highlands Conference...

We prepared all the food for Banquet at INTERFACE and then loaded it all into the truck with warmer and headed out to Lapilo to serve the Highlands Missionaries, who we hadn't seen yet, but we had been cooking for them for 4 days. :)
Lapilo Dining Hall ready for the Banquet...
Yummy Carrot Cake!
Highlands Conference Kitchen Crew - Rich, Doug, Elissa, Me, Chelle, Mike and Chris... Ready to serve the Banquet!
The Buffet line went right through the Kitchen, which was a bit unusual, but at least we got to see and talk to the people that we were cooking for! :)

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