Thursday, November 22, 2018

American Thanksgiving!!

We spent American Thanksgiving in Goroka, where we are able to buy apples almost all the time! So we enjoy making, baking, smelling and eating an apple pie this year!!

Jonathan and Naomi had fun helping!

Ready to enjoy our yummy meal!

And definitely ready to eat our yummy pie!!

We got to be around for the Turkey Trot at Thanksgiving... Jonathan ran the 2K for children!

At first he was in first place.

After the 1st K I joined him and we finished together!

Naomi even wanted to cross the finish line!

Jonathan got a medal because he was 1st in his age group, boys 6 and under!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Passport and family photos...

It is very difficult to take a passport photo of a 2 year old and communicate that she has to look directly at you without smiling!!! He didn't end up using any of these. :)

A five year old is a bit easier. :)

Family photos are always fun too!!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Life in Goroka...

While we lived in Goroka so that Jacob could see the doctor once a week and the physical therapist 2-3 times a week, Jonathan learned how to write all his capital letters!

 Jonathan and Naomi also enjoyed dressing up for skate night... a PNG super-girl and Gecko boy.

 Jonathan was able to borrow a scooter from another family and he went around and around the entire skate night!! Naomi and I just walked around... they both had  a great time!!

 Jacob also did a LOT of exercises daily! And his leg continued to gain back muscle strength every day!! The kids liked to join him for his exercises sometimes.

 More school... he was humming the whole time he was writing his As. :)

 Nap time for dad and Naomi. Naomi made sure that Dad had a "nunu" (stuffed animal) to sleep with too. :)

 "Look Mom, I look like Jonathan!"

 More school, now math and learning how to add and subtract!... He is saying "Twoooo" :)

 Time for play!!

 Jonathan loved it when his friends just happen to come to Goroka for a few days while we were there!! Max and Jonathan are very similar in their play style so they have a great time!

 Goofing around with dad!

 And after a few weeks, Jacob was able to use an exercise bike!!

 Jonathan learned how to pump his legs while we were in Goroka too, a huge accomplishment!

 Jacob went from crutches to a cane after a few weeks!!

 Naomi loved her umbrella. She used it like a cane, just like Daddy, when it wasn't raining. :)

 There was a lot of rain when we were there. And one day there was also a lot of wind with the rain which took down this tree... and it landed on top of the van, breaking some windows. But no one was hurt!!

 They both loved to blow bubbles!!

And this slide was right outside our house, Naomi loved it!!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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