Thursday, October 25, 2012

Enjoying our time in Nova Scotia...

 We have been in Nova Scotia for the last 5 weeks! It has been a great time with family and friends, a good time sharing about our ministry in Papua New Guinea and a good chance to enjoy God's creation in the fall and on the ocean. :) Here we are ready to share about Papua New Guinea. :)

 Enjoying the ocean on a Sunny day!

This is my first time making Fish Chowder with biscuits and molasses, so we invited Nannie Jane (Jacob's grandma) over for the taste testing. And she approved! Success!

 The first photos of the little Devine! :)

 Canadian Thanksgiving with Poppie and Nannie Joyce (Jacob's grandparents). Lots of good turkey, stuffing, rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy and pie!

 When we headed out to speak at a church a few hours away we enjoyed the view of the Bay of Fundy, the place with the highest tides in the world!

 But it was a very cold day at the Bay of Fundy!!

 I love driving!! I hadn't driven in 2 1/2 years so now I am making up for it. :)

 Ah... smooth roads!!

  Fellowship Baptist Church in Kingston, NS

 We have been enjoying the colors of fall as well!

 And we have enjoyed a beautiful apartment, right next door to Jacob's parents apartment!

 The baby continues to grow! Now 6 months along!

Jacob has been enjoying Tim Hortons. :)

 He was very happy this particular morning to have a Tim Horton's breakfast. :)

 Just a few days ago we welcomed Jacob's dad back home. He has been in Alberta for 2 months driving truck on oil fields. We are so thankful that he made it home for our last week here in Nova Scotia!

 We all enjoyed lunch at the Charlotte Lane, so good!! It brought me back to the amazingly delicious food served at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) where I went to Culinary school!

 Lemon custard with a tart raspberry sauce... delicious... shared by us all. :)

 Admiring the Chef knives...

 Jacob's mom planned a wonderful baby shower for me and invited all the ladies from the churches that we have spoken at over the last 5 weeks, plus all the relatives!

 Lots of yummy food! Grapes with cheese and crackers... not something readily available in PNG. :)

 The little pumpkin is on the way... so creative! :)

 We've also had fun visiting many friends! This is Stan and Betty in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. Faithful supporters and prayer warriors!

Visiting Mary and Irene on Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia... also, faithful supporters and prayer warriors!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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