Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Replacing a rotten railing...

The office porch needed a new railing! The wood here rots so fast!

Jonathan loves to help his dad!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Office Fun!

A fancy dress from we had fun taking pictures in the office. :)

Almost every day we head to the office before snack time to visit Miss Hope. She took over my job in the Business office when we went home last time. Now she continues to do a great job. And I just answer questions and help out with a little bit of paperwork for those coming and going.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Attending the Local Church

We usually all sing a few songs together here and then I take the kids over to the children's church building. Jacob stays here (white shirt in the left corner) to listen to the sermon.

For the last few weeks the Children's church teacher is on break, so the kids have been playing together instead. Children's church should start up again soon.

This cat was sleeping under the bench in the Children's church building.

Heading home after church. We love walking to church! or should I say 'strolling'. :)

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jacob hard at work!

Replacing a rotted counter-top in one of our guest houses.

He fixed up this gate by welding and painting it.

The never ending job... fixing and replacing ceiling fans!

Cleaning, Relaxing and Dress-Up

Learning how to use the Norwex dusting mitt.

Naomi is now a cleaner! She is dusting her rocking chair. :)

Relaxing with dad, watching a movie. :)

And now Jonathan is learning how to go under water... so he loves to try out his gear. :)

Jonathan the train conductor, a new costume give to him by our co-workers.

Resting with dad.

Doing a little coloring.

Watching a little tv together.

Yum! Someone mailed us a package with goldfish inside! Jonathan's favorite!

And the outside play continues!

Naomi has discovered her love for dirt and rocks! She can spend a lot of time playing, looking and moving dirt and rocks!

And Jonathan loves rope swings!

Naomi now has her own bike, although she can't reach the pedals so I pull her around with a rope. :)

And Jonathan has tried to pull her around too. :)

Now he can ride his big boy bike!

A nice hairdoo after taking off his mask and hat - now he is full of sweat!

A kiss for Grandma, Grandpa, Nannie and Poppie at home. :)

Ready for anything!

Playing with rocks in her Sunday dress too. :)

All tired out from all his running around outside!

Jonathan loves to play with Annabelle, another missionary kid here at New Tribes.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Boat Ride!

One afternoon Jacob came home and asked Jonathan if he wanted to go on a boat ride! The missionaries to Biem Island had just fixed the motor on their boat and they needed to give it a test drive before heading 80 miles off shore to their island. Jonathan was excited!!
This is his friend Jeremy who lived on Biem Island with his family.

And Jonathan was so excited to drive the boat all by himself!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Going to the Dentist...

After making our appointments many months a head of time, Jonathan, Naomi and I loaded up, traveling with another family to our mission headquarters for our dentist appointments.

Jonathan was quite excited about our plane flight and three day adventure to the dentist in the 'cold' mountains. :) Naomi wasn't sure what to think! I think she missed her father. :)

But eventually she slept. :)

Jonathan got to practice brushing teeth with a dinosaur puppet with large teeth, fun!

Both children enjoyed the sand box at the playground there!

Jonathan and Naomi went to visit a friend and her sons while I was at the dentist. Jonathan loved it and they all played with legos and spinners!

Naomi was not happy at all.. she cried and cried and finally fell asleep on Stephen. Poor girl!

She didn't think much of this experience away from mom, but she did stop crying!

On our way back to Wewak we were with a missionary couple moving from one town to another... and this is all of their things heading to their new home! Two plane loads of things and a few extra people. :)

While we waited the kids played in the dirt and rocks, Naomi loves it!

And Jonathan found a new friend to read to him! She came to Wewak to visit her best friend!

Some of the sights while flying home to Wewak.

Volcano erupting on the island 65 miles away from Wewak...

Sleeping on the plane...

Almost there and time to see Dad again!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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