Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Moving to Wewak! - part 1

 After sorting through all our crates and belongings in Goroka we headed back to Wewak with a few of our things via New Tribes Mission Aviation.
 NTMA really knows how to pack the stuff into the plane... when we got to Wewak I was amazed at how much stuff came out of the plane.... things for so many different people in the Wewak area... there was even a chest freezer in this pile of stuff and our electric piano!

 Unloading in Wewak.

They needed two vans in order to get all the cargo and people back to the Wewak Center. It is nice to have a few of our things. There are a few more things coming on a flight in the next couple of weeks.. And then the rest will come via ship... our four crates still sit at the Goroka NTM Center waiting for the shipping company to start up again.

Jonathan turns 7 months old!

 Jonathan turns 7 months old, the "official" couch picture... although it seems that every month we take his picture on a different couch in a different house. But one of these days we will have our own couch and our pictures each month will be more comparable. :)

 Jacob installed a wooden block on the kitchen ceiling so that Jonathan can use his jolly jumper. Jonathan and I love it!

 Jonathan has figured out that if he turns in circles until his feet can barely touch the ground he can spin really fast and make himself dizzy. :) He is a crazy boy!

 Don't worry, he didn't go down the slide... he is a bit too young for that!


 One of the guest house flats is now being renovated by Jacob and his crew. It takes a mess to make things looking better! Stay tuned for the end result...

 Jacob took out a wall and is now working on putting in a half wall.

Jonathan's activities

Sitting and playing!

 Playing with Cheerios at the table.

Jonathan and I cooking supper... stir fry!

Jonathan enjoying a nice cold glass of water after all the hard work of making supper in this heat! :)

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
Amazing view from our back porch!