Sunday, April 29, 2012

National Bible Seminar

 Heti and Buka had the opportunity to go to the Madang region, for a Seminar put on by national believers.

Traveling by plane, was a scary thing for Heti and Buka who don't leave their village in the Bena very often.
And then they had to travel by canoe too! Buka, in the front with our co-worker Pete, heading into the tribal location.

 There were Bible teachers from 8 language groups. And believers form 14 different churches from 3 provinces of PNG that attended! Many larger churches were able to encourage small struggling churches, because they were small and struggling at the beginning too. This was encouraging for Heti and Buka! they also learned more about the basics of the church and focused on the foundation, Jesus Christ!
 Pray that Heti and Buka will know how to apply all that they learned to their life and church here in the Bena!

Buka, taking notes...

Our Generator is working!!

This is our one and only generator that is working, and we sure are thankful for that! We used to have two generators that ran alternately each day. One generator wasn't working for the last couple weeks... and during this time, the other generator died completely! So we had no power so we had to come up with back up plans for many things... how to pump water to our wells, how to keep our refrigerators running, how to keep our frozen food frozen, how to run our washing machines, etc. Meanwhile the guys (Pete, Jack and Jacob) were busy working...

Here is our Old Faithful generator that finally died after thousands of hours of use, a rebuilt engine and thousands more house of use!!
We were very thankful that Jerry was able to come out to help! And we were very thankful for a willing Cummings Generator Technician that walked Jerry and Jacob through the reprogramming of the generator's computer from Lae, PNG, over the phone! And now we have power! This generator isn't as big as the one that died, and it is also pretty old, so we do have limited generator run times with longer times of power via battery. But we are happy to conserve knowing that it will make our generator last longer. Our new generator is on its way!

Friday, April 27, 2012

The new Interface sign...

 Jacob has been working on this this new Interface sign for awhile. It seems there are always other things to do and this got put on the back burner. But now the sign has been made!

 And we asked Robin, a missionary at the NTM Center to carve and paint it for us.
She is doing an excellent job. And soon I hope to post the finished product!

Here is Ragan and Ope, last summer, showing off our ancient sign. So it will be great to have a nice new sign!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Training dogs...

  Jacob still enjoys training the dogs. All the dogs are learning well. And it is so amazing to watch 5 of our dogs all together without fighting! I will post a picture in the near future! This picture was taken soon after Kima (left) and Bruno (right) were introduced to each other for a weeks time. Now they are both living in the workshop without fighting!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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