Tuesday, July 1, 2008

May/June Interface Team!

Our May/June Interface team arrived on May 25th! It was a privilege to have them here for 5 weeks and see God work in their hearts bring them closer to Him. Sometimes I can't believe how amazing God is to use a simple ordinary person like me to be a part of their lives by just cooking as they learn and grow in their walk with God. I am continually amazed at our awesome God!
Our Hospitality team for the May/June Interface team - Back: Rich, Nate, Chris, Mike
Front: Hannah, Beth, Elissa, Hannah, Mary
We had some fun times together cooking up all the yummy food for everyone!
Rich, Chris, Mike, Elissa and I - "My family" for the last year - They are all headed home soon... I will miss them!!
We love to have camp fires with the students! It is a very encouraging time to get together and share all that God is doing in our lives. It is amazing to hear the many ways God is revealing Himself to the students more and more through Missions.
Campfires were always a good time of worshiping the Lord by singing together too.
I enjoyed Skit and Talent night... we had some talented musicians! Miriam, Elissa and Chris
Our May/June group of students loved to play sports including volleyball and ultimate Frisbee. I had a good view because it all took place right in front of the Kitchen.
The Interface students interact a lot with the national people. Jenny is working on her bilem (string bag) while practicing her Pidgin English.
Stephanie, Jenny and Kristen (ITF Students) hanging out and having fun!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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