Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning at Beth's House...

The tree was packed full of goodies from family and friends at home and co-workers... fun times!
Fred, Andy, Tobi, Jonny, Nicky and me in the Christmas mess.
Nicky and Heather opening their stockings.The guys trying out their new ties... better look now... they will never wear them again. :)

Happy Birthday to Heather and Jesus on Christmas Day!
The guys gave me a fun picture frame full of pictures to add to my collection of pictures full of memories.
The guys were excited about their tower of Nutella... gifts from many... too bad it will only last 2 months. :)

Food and Games on Christmas Day...

Jenga... how high will it go?

Ham is a special treat here in PNG! We also ate roasted chicken, tossed salad, rolls, green bean casserole, scalloped potatoes, Birthday cake and cherry pie.

Christmas Parties...

Fruit pizza, cranberry cheesecake bars, white chocolate, cheese and
crackers and hot apple cider at Emerson and Miriam's for Christmas Carols.
The kids opening their stockings.
Danny reading the kids a Christmas story.

Christmas cookies... Yummy!

Rolling out Christmas cookies and Gingerbread people and mixing up lots of frosting colors.

The finished products - one of a kind Christmas cookies!
Headed to our co-workers houses to sing Christmas carols and deliver our cookies.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Heading to the ocean!!

After a very busy few months of conferences, Jonny, Nicky, Tobi and I were excited to be heading to the coast for a break. They had fun diving! And I had fun doing nothing but swimming, reading books, shopping and not cooking anything! :) It was extremely strange walking around town sweating like crazy, buying Christmas presents and listening to the Christmas carols playing in the stores!! But I really enjoyed being able to walk around town by myself and go wherever I wanted to go. It is much safer in Madang so I can do that! It was a very relaxing and fun time time for all!!
We were dripping with sweat but there was the Christmas tree at the Hotel for everyone to see as they walked in. :)
This was the norm at our table, an empty water jug! It was soooo hot there that we had to drink so much water!! The wait staff could never keep it full!!

The pizza we waited for... and 2 hours later... after we drank 3 gallons of water each... we ate our pizza. :)

Learning how to dive...
The Divers and the Dive Instructors: Tobi, Skeeter, Nicky, Jonny and Yayoi
The crazy jumpers! :)

The Local Fish Market, right next to our hotel. Yummy fried fish for only K2.50!
Trying fried saksak at the Fish market, not too bad...

Nicky trying steamed saksak at the fish market... not too good!
Headed back to Interface after a fun time in Madang!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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