Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Our Trip to Boston

 Jonathan was quite happy to go to Boston... because we were taking him to the Boston Children's Museum!! 

 Jacob, however, was not so thrilled about the traffic in Boston!

 Looking out the window while waiting for our apointment at the Boston Children's Muesum. We parked our car in the building right in front of us... Jonathan wanted to park on the "tipsy top" but Jacob didn't want to drive that far up.:)  There was too much traffic!

 Naomi and I were just along for the ride.

 Actually we went to Boston to see a Pediatric Nuerologist for Naomi's birthmarks... hoping to get another MRI to find out if she has NCM. It turned out that Naomi is healthy in all regards, developing normally! But we still do not have an MRI because she had a cold the day that it was scheduled. But she will have one done in Australia in the next few months!

 Back to Jonathan and the fun at the Boston Children's Museum!

 His Favorite part was the construction zone!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Our New Family!

We are so thankful to welcome Naomi into our family!! We want to ask for your prayers for her...

Naomi’s doctor has told us that due to her multiple birthmarks, called multiple congenital nevi, (especially on the head) she could have NCM (Neurocutaneous Melanocytosis) , a complication of multiple congenital nevi. The doctor said that in 80 % of NCM cases the child will live a normal life and in 20% of the cases the child can have side effects, like seizures. We would appreciate your prayers as we will be heading to Boston, MA so Naomi can see a Pediatric Neurologist. She has already had an MRI but due to lack of sedation the test was very hard to read correctly, so the MRI will probably be repeated in Boston by the Children’s Hospital. Also, Naomi did not gain weight for 10 days after our first doctor’s appointment, but we are happy to report that now she is doing a lot better in that area and starting to gain weight!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Play and Snow!

Naomi hasn't quite caught on to "tummy time" yet... usually she falls asleep. :)

 Jonathan enjoying time at the library for the play and learn time.

 And we woke up this morning to a winter wonderland!

 Dressed and ready to go outside in the snow to play!

 Coming in from the cold snow!

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Devine Clan gathers in MA!

 Nannie and Poppie are quite excited to meet their first granddaughter!

 Poppie reading to his grandchildren

 First visit to the Pittsfield Carousel 

 Nannie just held Naomi and watched the happenings

 Jonathan loved it!

 Three generations of video game players!

 Jonathan and Marshall had a great time playing together... cousins together at last, and this time Marshall can communicate a bit more then a year ago!

 We celebrated Christmas together, since this will be our only time together as a family.

 Marshall and Jonathan loved their new dump trucks from Nannie and Poppie!

 And we took them to the Bouncy house! Very fun!

 More of Christmas!

 Aunt Rebekah reading to Jonathan

 The Devine Clan - Josh and Rebekah with their son Marshall, Jacob and I with Jonathan and Naomi, Mom and Dad or Nannie and Poppie (Stanley and Cheryl)

 The Cousins, Marshall, Naomi and Jonathan... it was a bit difficult to get a good photo!

 And many worked on the puzzle during our family time together! Still not quite done yet!

 Campfire together to roast marshmallows and "smoke sticks"!

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