Wednesday, February 20, 2008


January/February INTERFACE Students arrived on January 18, 2008 for a 4 week exposure missions trip at INTERFACE. It is an amazing time for them as God challenges them in many ways!

Heading to the Village Market...

The local people are setting up a artifact market for the students.
Bilems (string bags) for sale, 40 Kina tasol!
Bow and Arrows for sale.
I got to sit with all the ladies in the village and sell the bilem that I made at the market that they had for the Interface students.

Cooking again...

Making tortillas for the students with my co-workers Janie and Tammy.

Heading on Side Trip with the INTERFACE students to an island...

The students went to an island where NTM works to learn first hand how God uses the missionaries to establish churches and translate the Word of God into their own language. And I got to go and cook for them! The best part was that it is the same island where my good friend, Sarah, works. And she has been bugging me for a few years now to go and visit her!
Sarah, missionary on the island, surrounded by the people she is there to share the Gospel with. It was a priveledge to see God working among these people through Sarah and the other missionary family on the island.
When the students and the islands people met they become instant friends!
Relaxing on a deserted island.
I finally got to visit my good friend, Sarah, on the island where she works translating God's Word into the tribal language!
The Guys learned how to climb coconut trees.

The girls learned how to weave baskets, a very long process!
The Tribal people loved looking at the students' pictures!
Some die hard crazy volleyball players decided to play beach volleyball in the 95 degree heat and 60% humidity!
We really enjoyed being able to sing and worship with the believers in the tribe. They asked us to sing in English to them as well. But we enjoyed hearing them sing praises to our Lord in their tribal language.
We traveled back to the main land by boat for 1 1/2 hours then we flew back to INTERFACE.
INTERFACE team and leaders (Randy, Emerson and I) waiting for our plane back to the cool mountains after having a wonderful time sweating on the island. Front: Stephanie, Lois, Stephen, Mark, Rich; Middle: Me, Chris, Kara, Mike, Elissa, Viviene, Rachael, Trixy; Back: Randy, James, Andy, Emerson, Chris

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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