Saturday, March 30, 2019

A little school, a little play, a little rest...

 Naomi is learning her letters and sounds! And coloring too!

 Jonathan is making sails and learning about wind. :)

 Naomi playing with her friend Libby in the office while I do a little bit of work.

 Naomi loves our new sandbox!

 All tired out, time to rest with dad!

Friday, March 22, 2019


We love getting packages! Especially from our friend, Anna!!

And the kids love to play with the boxes, Jonathan is inside this one...

There was a weed eater outside making a lot of noise, so Naomi had to wear her ear muffs. :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Conference Wom Beach trip!

We are heading out to Wom Beach for conference... there are a few trucks that are packed full of people as we head out. This time it was raining a bit so it wasn't as nice. But we were thankful it cleared up. Jacob was most comfortable standing up instead of having his leg all cramped up in the back of the truck. Each year some children are baptized and then we also enjoy swimming and lunch together at the beach. I love that the kids get to be baptized by their dads in the ocean!

Sepik Conference 2019!

We really enjoyed conference this year as all the missionaries in the Sepik region (about 130 including children) gathered together to learn more about God, encourage each other and just hang out and have a good time. We were so thankful for so many people who have been home for medical reasons have returned. Our family, with our broken legs, is one of them! Chris and Evie and their daughter is another family that got to return after being home for almost 2 years for Chris's Achilles tendon transfer surgery after being medevac'd. We were thankful to be reminded of how God works through us and uses us for His Glory in ways we can't even imagine!

Jonathan loved the Kid Conference!

He especially enjoyed the singing and games. Naomi had a great time with all the other little toddlers and babies too. She is a big girl now, even bringing her little potty to child care. :)

We all ate dinners together each evening!

Hugs before I go out to a local restaurant for Ladies Night during conference.

And Kids Carnival was a big hit with the water slide!

 Naomi went down the water slide a couple times with Dad, but other than that she just enjoyed watching.

At the end of the conference the kids performed the songs they learned for the adults!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Keeping the basics Jacob

Fridge, Microwave, Air conditioner, Weed Trimmer, All necessary basic things and they all seem to break quite often for some reason.

Toilets and Septic systems. Something else that is very basic and somehow, seems to break fairly often! I didn't put any pictures of me fixing the septic, some of them are not pretty!

We are still working on the vehicles as well. Getting ready for conference was a big challenge and next week, we have to register and safety all our vehicles. Not usually a big job, but it can be very time consuming!

 Here, we are getting together some materials for a church planting work in Biem. This is going to be a toilet and a shower. We might not think about it much, but the truth is, having a toilet and a shower are two of the most basic tools you can have when getting ready to present the gospel. Especially in a tropical climate without proper hospitals and care!

Great, The generator has another Reverse reactive warning! It seems like these last few months every basic thing has been having a problem! Electricity, Plumbing, vehicles, even keeping the grass mowed and the reptiles under control has been a challenge!

However, every now and then , I get to help with something that is really rewarding. a few months ago, I was able to help layout this new children's Sunday school building for our local church.We started this about 6 months ago. Things never move quickly in third world countries but you sure do see the local believers and their trust and patience as they watch God work!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Pre-Conference Fun!

Playing with SLIME!

Lots of friends for Jonathan to play with now!! Normally our side of the NTM Centre has 3 families living on it. Two weeks before conference everyone started to come from the tribal locations and some back from the US. During conference there were 13 families living here!! Crazy fun! Here are Miles, Max and Karis with Jonathan.

Miles and Jonathan playing superheroes!

Everyone loves bubbles!!

Naomi is eating bananas with her friends Libby and Jensen.

Getting together with our friends Stephanie, Mike and Ruth to watch the finale of The British Baking Show... and Stephanie made the delicious dessert!!

Libby loves to come over to play kitchen, dolls and watch Elmo with Naomi. :) I love to hear them talk with each other! Sometimes they talk about the treats they get if they use the toilet! Yes, Naomi is potty trained!!

One of our many visits to the office to see Miss Hope and read Wacky Wednesday. We are sad that she will be going home, possibly retiring, in May!

 Singing "Itsy Bitsy Baby Moses" and "The Ten Plagues" at the Homeschool Expo show. They did so well!!

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