Friday, August 31, 2018

Random Summer Life in Wewak

 Eating homemade coconut ice cream! Yum!

 Silas and Naomi playing in the tunnel.

 Package from Grandma... a new coloring book... Paw Patrol!

 Fun in the stools!

 They found a crab on the cement, not sure how it got so far away from the ocean!

 Learning how to write his first word!! "HI"

 Coloring is a daily activity!

 Jonathan loves to play with Paxdin when he and his family come to Wewak for a break. They live in a bush location. His family is part of a team that is teaching literacy and preparing Bible lessons for a church plant.
 Picking flowers, a fun activity for Naomi!

 Building guns out of anything he can, a fun activity for Jonathan!

 Hanging out with dad, watching a movie! :)

Ben, Mary and Joya, friends from another mission - we always enjoy having them over for dinner and games!!

And Naomi loves to play with their daughter, Joya, who is just a few weeks older than her!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Pears, Crocodile, Iced Tea, Bananas, Car rides and Bubbles

This is a rare find at the grocery store in town!! We were so excited to eat pears! And they were actually very good, so juicy!

Naomi hasn't had very many pears in her life and loved them! She kept saying "juice" meaning they were very juicy!

In the office there is a skull of a very large crocodile sitting on the table under the bush radio. And every time we leave the office, Naomi and Jonathan need to "pet" the crocodile. :)

Naomi loves her bananas while watching tv for afternoon snack!

Making some iced tea for dad!

Playing with bubbles is the latest and greatest joy. Lilli, friend and neighbor, has children around the same ages as Jonathan and Naomi. And they LOVE to play together! Every day! So fun! And Lilli and I love to chat while our kids play!

Lilli is blowing the bubbles and her children Linda and Silas are trying to catch the bubbles along with Jonathan and Naomi.

Linda comes to our house almost every day to play with Jonathan and sometimes Naomi too.

Eating snack while watching tv after nap time/rest time.

Naomi's first time riding in the van in the back seat with Jonathan!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Hanging out with Dad!

Jonathan and Jacob built this car together!

Jonathan was very excited about it!

Hammock time!

Checking out the drain dad built in the rain, to see if it is working properly, that is. :)

Relaxing in the pool with Dad and friends!

Enjoying cookies and milk, relaxing on the porch.

Time to draw with Dad!

Grandma Came in a Box!

We were all very sad that Grandma couldn't come to Brisbane and see us when we were there for Naomi's annual MRI and medical check up. But we were happy that she was able to send a box of fun things to us! We were thankful that even though the box burst open, all the goodies were still inside!

LEGO, Jonathan's latest favorite!

A Unicorn stuffed animal for Naomi!

Airplane and glow stick for Jonathan!

After he figured out how to open it, he was quite excited to have a truck with his name on it!

Love this photos of Naomi and her new purse!

Naomi got a hair bow! Love it!

And her friend Linda also has a hair bow!

Grandma also sent an apron, that says "Mommy's Little Helper" and cute shoes for her too.

New shorts for me!

New Dress for Naomi!

Talking on Skype with my mom, love it!!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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