Sunday, January 6, 2013

A visit from my sister and family!

 My sister, Ruth, and her husband, Jay, and their two boys, Jack and Zander visited us in January. It was great to see them for the first time in 3 years! They live in Phoenix so they enjoy coming "home" to New England every so often to see family.

 Ruth and Jack, hanging out.

 Jack and Zander playing with our flip chair.

 It was a great hiding spot and fort!

 My cousin, Mindy, and her daughter Megan came to visit too!

My Uncle Allen and Aunt Trudi enjoyed seeing my sister and family too!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas with family in Connecticut

 The three sisters,  hanging out together!

 We had fun getting together with my mom's side of the family in Connecticut, our cousins, Mindy with her daughter Megan, our cousin Jeanne and our cousin, Peter, visiting from Texas.

 Grandma with many grandchildren and great grandchildren, me, Sarah, Ruthie with Zander and Jack, Peter, Mindy with Megan, Eliana (Peter's daughter), Jeanne with Emily and Katie, Peter

 Mom with all three of her daughters!

 The Weaver family together again after 3 years!

Cute couple, now married for 40 years!!

Christmas with the Rushfords!

 Two days after Christmas we celebrated again with my sister and her family, who are visiting from Phoenix, AZ.

 Zander, our nephew, enjoying his gifts.

 Jack, our nephew, passing out the gifts.
 Zander, having fun on Grandma's chair.

 The three sisters, together again!

Grandma with her three granddaughters!

Christmas afternoon at the Weaver house!

 My sister, Sarah, handing out the gifts.
 My Mom, peeking at a gift.

 For Christmas I got the largest clothes that I have ever owned in my life... which go around my baby belly.

 And I got the smallest clothes that I have ever owned, for our little guy... to be born in just 5 weeks! Grandma thought they were so cute!

 Grandma got a calendar full of pictures of her relatives!

 My dad and Sarah showing off their gifts... Jacob's mom enjoying the show!

 Christmas dinner, yum! Me, Sarah, Grandma, Mom Devine, Mom Weaver and Dad Weaver.

Christmas Morning at our house!

 We were quite excited that God sent us cold snowy weather for Christmas and the days following!

 Jacob gave me some nice warm socks! Much needed for this cold weather!

 Jacob was quite excited about his Guide to small engine repair!

Mom got a story board from Papua New Guinea.

Christmas with the Devines

 We had fun with the Devine side of the family this year! Jacob's mom came to visit us for a week. And Jacob's brother and sister-in-law came for a couple days. We were very sad that Jacob's dad couldn't make it because of his work in Alberta. But we were happy that he could join us via computer!

 Reading the Christmas story on Christmas Eve Day together.

 Jacob's brother, Josh, and his wife Rebekah.

 Mom opening Dad's present.

 Mom, Josh, Rebekah, Jacob and I... just missing Dad.

 Rebekah spent awhile trying to figure out how to put this puzzle back together... frustration!

Mom and her boys!

Bethleham Night at Hope Church

 Every year our church transforms the gym into Bethlehem... this year we were greeted in the parking lot by the shepherds.

Busy street in Bethlehem.

There was even a real donkey in Bethlehem!

There were lots of shops selling things and making crafts.

Everyone was given gold shekels to buy things in the shops.

 Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus.

Jacob enjoyed the woodworking shop.

A prophet even came by, announcing good news!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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