Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Off to Brisbane... Naomi's MRI

 Every year we head to Brisbane, Australia for Naomi's annual MRI and doctor's appointments to monitor her NCM condition, extra melanin in the brain. Here we are waiting at the Wewak airport for our flight.

 The loud plane noise was too much for Naomi so she put Jonathan's earphones on. :)

 Ready to go on the plane!

 We had to stay the night in Port Moresby, PNG before heading here to Brisbane. Here they are at 5 am trying to stay warm in the air conditioned International airport.

 And we have arrived in Brisbane at the Ronald McDonald House! The kids ran for the playground!

 Just one of the kids favorite playground areas.

 I like to go for walks at night down the river path, and this is my view!

 Shopping, Jonathan the Ninja turtle

 Enjoying smoothies!

   After our initial shopping trip, Naomi was tired!!

 Waiting for Naomi's MRI to be finished, playing at the hospital playground...

Naomi's MRI is over! And she did great!! Recovering and eating lots after fasting for her MRI. The MRI showed no change in Naomi's melanin spots in her brain... no need for an MRI for 2 years!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Goodbye to Miss Hope...

 We had to say goodbye to our good friend Hope before we left for Brisbane because she is heading home to the US to possibly retire while we are gone. We will miss her terribly!! The kids treated her like a grandma!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Working around the Center

 Figuring out new lighting on our centre. Back on a ladder after his broken leg!

 Repairing a broken pipe

 Switches for a dryer... figuring out why the dryer didn't work... the frame/casing was damaged with no way to repair it. :( 

 Everything rusts when you live next to the ocean! This is our 2 year old washing machine.

 Jacob is grinding off the rust and repainting it. This job could be done every 6 months!

Putting in new lighting for the store here at NTM.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Friends and Play

 Watching Elmo or Paw Patrol with friends, is the best way to watch tv!

 "Mom, look at my new shirt! and my new hat!"

 I love how her curls stick out of the hat!

 And the baby goes outside for a walk!

 And Minnie Mouse goes for a ride on the horse.

 "Mom, look how high I can go!"

 A birthday party for the three boys of some of our work ladies.

 Naomi and her friend Libby play together a lot!

 Watching a little Paw Patrol while Jonathan does school with mom.

How many people can fit in this tote?!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter with Nate!

 Our good friend, Nate, who works at the NTM centre in Goroka in Supply and now a short time at the guesthouse, came to visit us for a week over the long Easter weekend. It was a great time together! We enjoyed pineapple and stick bread over the fire with friends.

 Stephanie and the kids and I enjoy our yummy campfire food.


 Playing Baseball catch with Dad during our long Easter weekend.

 Scaling fish for grilling preparation ... Nate is also a chef and we worked together at Interface many years ago.

Ready for the grill.

 The kids loved having Nate here to play with them and read to them!

 We had a trip to WOM beach too! Our last trip with Miss Hope, our co-worker who will return home to work and soon retire from ministry. We will miss her!

 Jonathan and Naomi slept on the way home from WOM beach.

 Naomi learning the fun of phone games from Nate. :)

 Easter sunrise service... very nice! Jacob and I attended while Nate took care of Naomi and Jonathan when they woke up and made them breakfast. :)

 The beauty of Easter Morning!

 Easter Dinner... Yum! Ham, Cheesey Mashed pototoes, veggie and apple pie!

 All Natural Apple pie sweetened with apple juice concentrate! So good!

 While Nate was visiting he had fun with the kids one evening so we could go out to eat! So very fun for us too!!

And delicious!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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