Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meanwhile, back at Home...

Exciting things are happening in the lives of Josh, Jacob's brother, and his fiance Rebekah... June 5th was the big day!!! We are excited to see the DVD and pray the Papua New Guinea mail delivers it soon!!

The Battle of our Home continues...

We finally caught the culprit!! This rat was chewing holes in lids of containers plus chewing around the edges of all my tuperware canisters!! We were so excited when he finally got caught in a trap! Jacob is actually holding the rat with a machete which he had to use to finish him off because the trap didn't quite do the trick. Our tally is up to 3 rats and 16 mice exterminated!!

Four-wheeler ride!!

Jacob had to check out the road situation so he could have some of the national guys do some work on it. So we took a ride!!

I got to drive too! We had fun watching some of the faces of the nationals as I drove the four-wheeler. :)
Jacob really enjoys the four-wheeler... he uses it every day for work and doesn't know what he would do without it!! Thanks again to all of you who helped get it here to PNG!

The Final Games...

We were very sad to see Danny, Tammy and Addie leave us at the end of May. Jacob, the German guys (Daniel, Robert and Jan) and Julie had one last game of volleyball!
And one last chess tournament...Danny and Jacob take on Jan and Robert! We miss Danny, Tammy and Addie!!

Many Birthday Celebrations!

 I made an ice cream cake for Jacob... he loved it! And so did everyone else who celebrated with us!
 Daniel, Jan, Julie, Robert, Nate, Janie, Jacob and I had a typical American meal of burgers and fries for Robert's birthday. Can't get that in Germany. :)

For Jan's birthday we went to the Steak Haus for a fun dinner with free ice cream sundaes!
We all got together for Julie's birthday too! She especially loved the birthday flowers!

Cake Decorating...

Beth had the opportunity to decorate a cake for the 6th grade graduating class. They seemed to enjoy it. :)

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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