Monday, March 26, 2012

Giving the Charcoal grill a try...

 Is it working?

Relaxing on a Sunday afternoon eating burgers...

 Even our kitten, Socks, was interested in how this charcoal grill thing was going to work.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catering for the NTM Center Conference...

  Every year we cater three main meals for three days of the NTM Center Conference, about 200 people. This year we have extra help, the Cherie and Ashlyn! I got to start training them, as next year they will be catering the conference because we will be home at that time.
Julie and Ninike, two of our faithful dishwashers. We couldn't cater without them!! 

Here we are all loaded up and headed out. Marco, Jonny, Diemo and Julie are helping us too!

 Unloading the drinks and food.
 Marco is quite excited to be helping us! :)
 Ashlyn dishing up the macaroni salad for lunch.
Cherie dishing up the potato salad.
 As soon as their meeting was finished we rushed the food in so they could eat right away. Julie rushing in with the potato salad and kaukau (sweet potato) chips.
 Jonny with the banana and tapiok chips.

Setting out the utensils for everything.

 Cherie and Ashlyn getting out the hot food, sloppy joe meat and rolls.

 The kids were happy to start eating. :)

And I think the adults were too. :)

 In need of more sloppy joe meat...

Our turn to eat

All the missionaries did their own dishes and then some of the kids helped us with the other dishes in the end. Such a huge help! It is always fun to be able to help out at the conference by cooking meals for them! We are glad we can do it!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our new kitten...

 After two years of constantly setting traps for rats and mice, and no end in sight, we decided that we had to get a barn cat. :) We like our new little kitten and we hope she turns into a great rat/mice killer. We are hopeful because she is already chasing bugs and killing large grasshoppers. :)

 We named her Socks, after my grandma's long time cat of 16 years. Socks Sr. passed away last year. :(
Socks likes the hammock too, but doesn't last long because she can't sit still. But it looks like she is enjoying reading about wood projects.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Papua New Guinea Land Cruiser in Germany?

Last year Jonas, Till and Richard were here at Interface with us for about a year. Recently they had a little reunion in Germany and sent us this photo. They said it was very unusual for a Land Cruiser to be seen in Germany. But this is the type of vehicle we drive here!

Friday, March 9, 2012

A walk through the village...

 Before Conference we took a walk through the village to visit people and hand out the work schedules for the ladies that work in the kitchen with me.

We came across Sone, cooking in her "kitchen".

 She is going to cook up some kumu (greens) with kaukau (sweet potato).

 Sone is a good friend of ours. She helps us around the house when I am working long days in the kitchen. Such a blessing!

Heading out for a drive...

 We took a four-wheeler ride to the old school house... this is the road we traveled on!
 The Bena are starting to fix up their school and rugby field because the fighting is over! Jacob asked one of our workers to cut this field for them with our tractor.

 Classroom buildings
 Inside of one of the classrooms. The Bena have started repairing and cleaning up the school's buildings and land. They have a work day every Monday.

 We were amazed by this crazy gum tree on the property.

Pray that the people will continue to fix up the school and that they can reopen it soon! Right now some kids are going to schools a long ways away and others aren't going to school at all.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The pouring of the classroom floor...

 The Interface staff, excited about the new classroom floor! Diemo; Hank and Marg (Lesley's parents); Marco; Pete, Lesley, Josh, Kelsey & Micah; Drew, Bobbi, Annie, Gracie, Malachi and baby Levi; Jonny; Jacob and I; Julie

 Ready for the cement!

 But first, the guys had to fix the cement mixer!

 Hard at work!
 Time to mix!

 Samson and Buka's son dumping the mixed cement.
 Moyolopi is lifting the barbed wire. Hank kept telling the guys to do this every 5 minutes, "upim wire, upim wire!". It sounded like a broken record. :)
 Nice and smooth!

 The guys started pouring cement last week Monday and finished this week Monday... pouring for a few hours each morning. And this is the final day of pouring!

 When the last part of the cement was finished we all got to put our prints or signature in the cement, even little Levi. :)
Lesley signing her hand print.
 Janie's turn to sign her name.
 The finished product!
Now the guys are finishing up the floors in the bathrooms with tile!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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