Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Crates Arrived!!

After leaving Nova Scotia on Dec 23, they traveled across Canada and finally left Canada on Jan 21st. March 13th they arrived in Papua New Guinea! But we couldn't have them brought our way because the only bridge to the port city was broken. So we waited for our crates to go through customs and we waited for PNG to fix the bridge. They arrived at our NTM Center on April 9th!!

We were happy to have some help unloading it! It looked exactly as it did last we saw it... just very hot instead of freezing cold!

All we had to do was get the four-wheeler on our truck and off we went to Interface!

Our electric piano also arrived safe and sound! We are enjoying it!
 It is fun to learn how to play piano again after so many years without one!
Now, we have a taste of home in our living room... a hand crafted Nova Scotian boat by Roy!

Jacob was so excited when the four-wheeler was up and running! First he had to put everything back in it, gas, grease, coolant, etc. And then he was off!! Work goes so much faster now that he has help running back to the shop for tools and materials!! And soon I hope to learn how to drive it too! Thank you all for your part in bringing these crates over with our four-wheeler... there was a lot of prayers and support that enabled our crates to arrive safely here at Interface!

A typical day venturing into town...

Our drive to town takes about 1 hour depending on the road conditions. Some days are just bad and some days are really bad. :) On this day we were the only people that did not get stuck.
The road even washes away sometimes.
There are also pigs and goats along the way. This is the main highway that we take after making it through our muddy road. :)

 Papua New Guinea is different because there are no street signs along the dirt roads but there is something like this at a local hotel... makes for a fun picture. :)
We stopped at the Supermarket in town to pick up our meat at the Butchery... they just got a fresh shipment of pork in... quite the sight!!
On our way back from town the tractor needed to be rescued. They were fixing the road a bit, but ended up slipping into this 3 foot hole along the way. We were able to pull it out.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

March Conferences...

We hosted two conferences in March... Highlands and Lapilo. It was a good time for all the missionaries to take some time out of their every day routines of life and be encouraged in the Lord through special speakers and each other. The Highlands Conference was held here at Interface, about 100 people attended. This year was the first time we catered the Lapilo Conference which took place at our NTM center about a 45 minute drive away. This picture was taken in the gym at Lapilo looking out over half of the people attending. We cooked for about 200 people, one meal per day. It was fun cooking for so many, quite a challenge!

The missionaries were very happy to have their meals catered this year... I think it will become a yearly tradition. :)
We made 9 pans of lasagna using 9 gallons of sauce with 10 kgs of meat.

 This is a cake I decorated for the High School Graduates as they celebrated the occasion with all the other missionaries here at the conference.

We transported the food via truck... so our methods of carrying food were thought out well. We had a warmer to keep our food hot for about an hour. The last day of the conference we came across a truck stuck in the road. We were thankful that we were able to go around him.
We were also able to help pull him out with a rope and some man power. We were just a few minutes late for our catering event. :)

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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