Friday, May 29, 2015

Heading to Madang....

 Jonathan was excited to get to fly on a big airplane again... we flew to Madang for three weeks, at the end of May to help set up the kitchen and centre for the Interface program. There were 26 students arriving plus staff and hospitality. We were cooking for 60 people!

 Jonathan was excited about the new playground.

 And the trampoline!

Friday, May 22, 2015


 We got Jonathan out of bed at 7am to say goodbye to our neighbors who are heading home for their year of  home assignment. We will miss having them around...

 Jonathan wasn't sure what was happening...

We had to say goodbye to two families so far, and one more family will be leaving us next week.  Very sad.

Random life in Wewak...

 A Cinco de Mayo celebration... potluck for all with a pinata for the kids! Everyone had a great time!

 Trying on dad's Canadian hat while playing with Cat in the Hat. :)

 Jonathan enjoyed his chocolate chip cookie!

 Playing with our new camera, this is the 'magic' setting. :)

 Hanging out on our new rug... a great place to play!

 We have really enjoyed having Fred and Carissa here in Wewak. They are here serving with Friends in Action for two months. We've had a great time chatting and playing games! Fred helped out at Interface for a few months about 5 years ago!

 Time for the bedtime stories. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Four Wheeler Fun!

 Sometimes Jacob works right outside our house. So when Jonathan and I go outside to play, guess where we end up playing. :)

 He already knows how to take the key out and put it in. :)

 But Jacob uses it a lot for work too! His new trailer is very handy, especially now that the dump truck doesn't work!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Life in Wewak, the good, the bad and the ugly...

Security is not Jacob's favorite job here in Wewak, but someone needs to do it. :) Every night we have two to three security guards walking around our centres to keep watch over us. Of course I know that God our ultimate security protector.

The security guards check in, make their rounds around the fence and the properties and give Jacob a report. Then Jacob just needs to have the radio on all night to monitor, in case something happens. Then in the morning the guards give their final report, after rounding through the night. Usually all is well and nothing ever happens.

 Well one night at the end of April, something did happen. A few men broke into our centre and into our house and our neighbors house. They broke in through this window on our porch. It was a scary situation. But God protected us all. They got away with some of our things, but they were chased off by the security guard and dogs very quickly! And a security company and police arrived quickly as well! They did manage to get away with a few of our things: Jacob's laptop, two external hard drives, video camera, camera and internet modem stick as well as my laptop's power cord. Fortunately they were interrupted and left my computer behind so they could run and get away, so thankful for that!

 So for two weeks I looked high and low for a cord that would fit into this hole on my laptop.

Some missionaries had a spare Lenova cord but the circle was too small to fit into my computer. So we ordered one off the internet and a friend brought it over in his suitcase a couple weeks ago. But that didn't work either, it was a rectangular shape!! So we broke down and bought a expensive universal cord in town, but it was cheaper then sending another cord DHL!! So happy to have my computer up and running again!!!

To recover from our break in, we decided we needed time to rest and relax at the pool. Jonathan loves the pool!!

 We were also so thankful for a package that arrived from our good friend Julie, just a few days after the robbery! Jonathan loves his float plane and fire engine. :)

Enjoying the goldfish that we got in the package from Julie, while watching Mickey Mouse. :)

 We were also very thankful for our neighbors who gave us a camera that they no longer needed!!

 This camera is waterproof and shock proof so we thought Jonathan might enjoy using it once in a while... here is his first picture. :)

 Eventually he got it right. :)

We are very thankful that all of us are alright and the men only took our things. And we have been amazed at how God is providing for us so that we can replace our stolen items. We know that he will continue to provide so that we can replace everything!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Working around NTM's Wewak Centre

 Willi heading off to mow the lawn.

 Jacob and Willi finished putting new flooring in all the rooms in the office. They also had help from Fred and Carissa with Friends in Action. This is my new office floor!!

 Jonathan loves mom's new office floor!

 It is so much better then the thin carpet that used to be on my floor, It was so difficult to clean in this climate!

Jacob still enjoys working with the dogs, but sometimes they do strange things.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day flowers :)

 Jacob and Jonathan brought me some beautiful flowers they picked from around our centres. Oh and they said they had a little help from our friend Hope.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Finally - the completion of the Boat house!

 After waiting months and months for the roofing material to arrive, the company forgot to send the bolts. So after another few weeks of waiting, they guys were ready to put the roof on!!! Jonathan and I went to check it out!

 Although Jonathan got side tracked with the ball inside here. :)

Now we have storage for the boat that takes the supplies to the missionaries on Biem Island, plus storage and more space for another boat when God sends missionaries to another island off the coast of Wewak.

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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