Thursday, July 30, 2015

Teaching times...

 A missionary that worked in PNG for many years returned last month for a visit and taught some local pastors. We enjoyed making lots of banana bread for their snacks. :)

 Cheryl got to go with our co-workers to a local classroom to help read to the students for 1/2 hour twice a week. They read the Lamb, a children's clear gospel presentation!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer work in Wewak...

 Picking up the Biem missionaries after a long boat ride from their island. They live on an island 80 kms away.

 Fixing a hole in our ceiling... Jacob was a little scared that we had termites eating our walls, but it was just a water leak!

 Helping Norbert, our NTM ICT expert. This is our VSAT internet which doesn't work a lot of the times. But we are thankful for when it does work! And now it is working more often!

 Replacing lights - LED is the cheaper way to go for our PNG Power bill! Mom making sure her son is hard at work! :)

 Our co-workers counter top rotted and so Jacob tore it off and replaced it with the help of a few people.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Random fun at Home in Wewak...

 Jonathan's new shirt from his Aunt and Uncle!
(Go Patriots!)

 Our Night out together while Jonathan and Nannie hung out together. :)

 Jonathan's camera skills....

  Jonathan's camera skills....

 Everyone is trying on Dad's hat!

 Now that is a BANANA!

 It is a 'cold' day, 76 degrees F... breakfast at the Devine house. :)

 And almost 100% humidity!

 Playing on the porch with Nannie... what can we do with sand??

 Enjoying friend's company on a Saturday morning.

 We had a group of Interface students over for dinner. They were in Wewak for two days because they flew into a tribal group in the Sepik. It was fun to be able to help them with supplies and hear their stories as they headed back to Madang.

 So tired!

The sad day... packing up all our books to give away to a library. We have invested in Kindles because our books are not good for Jacob's mold and dust allergies in this climate. Plus it is just a lot easier to travel with no books!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hanging out with "Nannie" in Wewak

In Wewak town, ready to experience the Wewak Market.

 Experiencing the Wewak Produce Market.

 Jonathan likes to take the food that we buy and put it in Jacob's bilem.

 Buying some tomatoes, the only type of tomatoes in Wewak!

Heading over the the other NTM Centre for a campfire cookout. :) We are on the trailer that Jacob is pulling with his four-wheeler. :)

 Making some Banok bread over the campfire. Yum!

 Relaxing on the Beach with Nannie!

 Out to eat together on the beach...

 Jonathan playing with one of his friends at the National Church.

 The National Church that we attend.

 Jonathan gets to play with the kids during church.

The Digger was quite the sight for Jonathan, just outside the church building, working away during the service!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
Amazing view from our back porch!