Friday, April 17, 2015

Another trip to Goroka...

 The day after we got back from Goroka, Jonathan fell and landed on his right foot a bit strangely. He was limping and sometimes didn't even want to walk at all. So we asked our co-workers and the NTM doctor and they said we should get an x-ray. We tried to go to the Wewak hospital but the x-ray machine had been broken for 1 month! So we (Jonathan and I) got on a plane again and headed back to Goroka where our NTM clinic had an x-ray machine and a doctor!

 Jonathan was excited to use the "tiny" stroller and his new backpack. And he got to go on a big plane! We got to land and take off three times on our way to Goroka. And we got cookies and juice, Jonathan was excited about that. :)

We were very thankful that the x-rays showed no broken bones. It was just a contusion, a very deep bruise. So we headed back to Wewak again!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Heading home to Wewak...

 Jonathan doesn't like the little 206 plane, he says they are too loud. But he liked looking out the windows!

 Leaving the mountains...

 Back in Wewak, unloading and refueling the plane.

 Jonathan running around after the almost 2 hours flight. :)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dad time on break

 Jonathan had lots of time with dad during our break. Very fun!

 He loves to fix things, just like dad!

 The sandbox!! and the digger!! Jonathan loved it!

 Trampoline... crazy!

 We discovered the trampoline late in our break and only got to use it a few times, but Jonathan loved it. So we had to go back and use it once more after supper, the night before we left. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Visiting our Bena friends

 Jonathan was excited to head out to see our Bena friends, in this fancy sideways seat. :)

 Heading down the Interface was very sad

 What a view!

 Jonathan wasn't sure what to think, but everyone loved seeing him!

 Jacob with his former workers Kino and Samson. with their children.

 Jonathan with bobo Atufa

 Jonathan was scared of the people but not too scared of the pigs. :)

 The people in the village were taking the skin off the coffee and drying it in the sun.

 The coffee process

 the roaming pigs and chickens

 Sone wasn't in the village when we went to visit so I wrote her a note and she came out to see us at the NTM HQ. She used to help out by cleaning our house and doing our laundry at Interface.

Sone is the lady who made Jonathan's bilem and Jonathan calls her bobo (grandma) Sone. :)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Our view from the Guesthouse

 Ahhh, the mountains!

 A playground, right outside our front door!

Easter Sunday

 Our Easter 2015 family photo!

 And Jonathan wanted more pictures...

 After we took our family photo... we all bundled up, because it was cold on this Easter morning in the Highlands! Jacob is saying 'cold'. :)

Cozy warm in the 'cold' mountains. It must have been at least 65 degrees F this morning! :)

 Jacob and Jonathan, twins, heading out to the sunrise service on Easter morning.

 And more photos needed...

The serious photo...

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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