Thursday, November 30, 2017

Naomi eats and sleeps and plays

Naomi loves waffles with peanut butter and jam on them, and also PB and J sandwiches! And it is messy!

She also loves avocado which is also very messy!

She sleeps well in her air conditioned room for naps!

And she loves to play with whatever Jonathan is playing with!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Christmas decorating and guests!

We enjoyed getting out our Christmas totes to decorate... we hadn't seen these things in 3 years, Jonathan was almost 2 yrs old last time we saw these Christmas things! Fun times!

We enjoyed a few games of tic tac toe!

Naomi loves to move these little pieces around the house and give them to people. :)

A few days after we decorated we had Bart and Emily Allen and their four boys over for dinner. They were heading back into Amdu, their tribal location where they are planting a church. And they were just stopping in for one night. Jonathan loves to play with their boys!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Finished porch

Jacob helped with the cement pour.. .and while we were on break Thomas finished it, very nice!

Outdoor play, favorite time of the day!

I love the Christmas socks he choose to wear while scootering the day after we decorated for Christmas. :)

Jonathan LOVES to play with all the other kids... sometimes our center is full of kids running around everywhere and usually Jonathan is playing superheros with someone :)

Sometimes Naomi and Jonathan are the only children out playing and usually they get along well. :)

I think he is getting a little too big for this car!

Growing into his big bike!

Sometimes there is a plethera of bananas so we end of freezing lots for banana bread and smoothies.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Jonathan and Naomi celebrated Thanksgiving first by wearing their Patriots jerseys, Jonathan as Brady and Naomi as Gronkowski!!

 This is what she looks like when the Patriots are losing.

 And this is what she looks like when the Patriots are winning!

 And this is what Jonathan looks like when the Patriots are winning!

But the truth is that we just watch old games because that is all we have here... but last year's Superbowl is worth watching again!!

Playing around on the porch.

 She loves to push this around the porch now!

 Making Pumpkin Pie! We tried to find apples but the store was out... so pumpkin it is!

 Jonathan was quite excited to eat these pies and it was very hard for him to wait until that evening for dessert. :)

Naomi loves food so I think she will grow to love Thanksgiving... this is her favorite book, a lot of pictures of veggies and fruit carved into different things.

 We enjoyed having our friends, Ben and Mary over for Thanksgiving with their daughter Joya. Joya is just 2 weeks older than Naomi!

 Ben, Mary and Joya enjoying some pumpkin pie and coconut ice cream.

 Jonathan and Jacob enjoying their pie and ice cream while watching football! And Jacob was drinking Ben's amazing Ethiopian coffee. Yum!

Jonathan is too busy eating pie to smile. :) And he loved it!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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