Monday, February 29, 2016

Visiting Family and Friends, Sharing in Church in NY

 My cousin, Jenny, with her son Gideon... cousin Seth with his fiance Hannah, Me, My Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Roy.... can't remember when all of us were in the same place together!

Now with the addition of Addie, Jenny's daughter and my grandma!

 The cousins eating together for the first time... Jonathan, Gideon, Clara and Addie.

 And they really loved playing together too!

 Jonathan took a great picture of Grandma's cat. :)

 Jacob enjoyed playing the guitar with Uncle Roy.

 Dinner out with the family and church

 Jacob still has not adjusted to the cold of the north east!

 I believe he has three layers of clothes on as well as his winter coat! Note, we are inside a house!

 Miss Esther and Jonathan, fun times!

 Jonathan liked to pretend he was speaking at church too. :)

 We also got to see our former Interface co-worker, Rhonda, and her family, Bernie and daughter Faith. Fun!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Visiting future co-workers!

 The day we were scheduled to leave Michigan and drive to Ohio, the snow started, as usual. :) Thankfully we were just driving 1 1/2 hours to Toledo, OH!

 We got to visit Marc and Alison and their children, Andrew, Brandon and Chloe, who are preparing to join our team in Wewak at the support center to work in the Supply department! It will be so good to have them there!!

We had fun joking around and playing with the kids!

Jonathan and Chloe, just 5 days apart in age, enjoyed playing together... here they are showing us their super wings. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fun visit with Good Friends!

We really enjoyed our time with Danny and Tammy and their family in Michigan! We became good friends back in 2005 when Jacob and I first met at Interface! Then after we were married we returned to Interface and got to work with them again for a few months! Well, now they have a son, Josiah, about the same age as Jonathan and we had a great time watching them play together!

We really enjoyed our visit with them at the NTM Jackson, MI Bible School... Jonathan had fun with Josiah and Ameera!

Singing a song together. :)

Jacob and Danny took the kids to Home Depot while Tammy, Addie and I went to Addie's gymnastics meet. They had a great time looking at tools! The kids and the adults!

Then Danny and Jacob took the kids to a toy store, and Jonathan didn't know what to look at first. He just kept walking down the aisles with a big grin on his face. :)

He finally found something that he wanted to try out. :)

I enjoyed experiencing the life of a girl in gymnastics, wow, a huge amount of work and time go into gymnastics! 

Addie is doing a great job!

And 11 years after we first starting playing Settlers in PNG, we had to have another game. :) Fun!

We enjoyed many yummy meals together around the table! Danny, Tammy, Addie, Ameera, Josiah, Jonathan, Jacob and I. :)

Jonathan loved this park near the school, even though it was cold!

Three buddies that sounded like cats meowing. :)

Jonathan borrowing Josiah's umbrella... although it looks like it could be Jonathan's umbrella. :)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Interface Reunion!

 We really enjoyed our visit with the Scholls... Jonathan loved playing with their son Levi, just about a year older then him.

A fun Interface reunion! Rich and Dawn; Drew and Bobbi with their children, Gracie, Malachi, Annie and Levi

Drew and Bobbi with their children, Gracie, Malachi, Annie and Levi
 We also got to see Rich, Dawn and Hadassah! We had great times talking about the fun days at Interface!

 And we got to meet the newest member of the Jones family .. Jensen!

Congrats to the Chris and Evie! So fun to see them!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Creation Museum!

 We all really enjoyed a visit to the Creation Museum in KY, a fun family time... so much to see and so amazing to be reminded of how God created the universe!

 It was very interesting to learn more about Noah's Ark and the facts behind the event... neat to see some of it in person!

 Jonathan couldn't believe how big the dinosaurs were. :)

 Jonathan loved the rocks that light up with black light... difficult to take a picture of... but we did our best. :)

Oh no! the Dinosaur is going to smash us!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Visiting Friends and Supporters in Missouri!

 Keith and Gaila.. friends I used to go to church with when I was in the NTM training in Camdenton, MO in 2001-2002! It was fun to see them again and get to know them better!

 Nicky and I met in 2007 at Interface when she came over for a year to help out! It was fun to see her again at the Training Center!

 Dan and Arla were my second parents when I first went to Interface in Papua New Guinea in 1995! And I hadn't seen them since 2007! So it was so fun to introduce them to my husband and child! So good to see them and play Settlers together!

 We also got to meet Bea, who is a good friend of our former co-workers, and a prayer warrior!

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