Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back in Papua New Guinea Once Again!!

INTERFACE Campus, the place of our first ministry together and our first home together! And also the place where we met in 2005! Notice the new Intern Kitchen in the center of the cabins. :)

Our first home together!

We live in the left half of this duplex housing unit. The right half is now the new office. This is the same duplex that I helped build when I was here as an intern in 1995 and 1996. :)

Our Living Room... you may be wondering.... "why in the world is there a wood stove?!" Well, we do live in the mountains so there isn't as much humidity. And in dry season our record low is 50 degrees. This is quite cold for us when the norm is 70-85 degrees F. Although I've been told that the wood stove has been ready to be lit for 2 1/2 years now... the couple that used to live here got it ready to go for the next cold spell. :) Maybe someday we will light it. :)

Our Kitchen/Dining room... I really enjoy our home, much bigger then my round house. It is very fun to have people over for meals and parties!

And my kitchen has 5 times as much counter space and an oven that works!! :)

 Jacob and I love to relax in our hammock on the porch. 

And we love the view from our porch!

We are very close to where we work as well. If you look to the right... you will find the workshop, where Jacob works every day.

And if you look to the left you will find the Kitchen where I work everyday, when we have a Interface program or Missionary Conference. We love our commutes to work! :)

Our Daily Lives at Interface....

Jacob has the privilege of being on rat and mice patrol. So far the total deaths are 2 rats (in our loft) and 3 mice who made themselves home in our kitchen and living room. He is doing a great job! Who knew that these critters like raisins!
 Jacob works with the German short term guys every day. He really enjoys working and hanging out with the guys. Last night we watched an NHL Hockey game and Jacob had fun explaining the game to a couple of the guys. (If anyone wants to send a package.... taped Hockey games are high on our list!) Here Jacob and Robert just finished the new steps for my old round house. The old steps had rotted out and someone fell through them. It was kinda funny that Jacob's first project was making these steps because in 2005 he built the steps that just rotted. (But don't worry, he built them out of hard wood this time!)
Here is the Mechanic side of the workshop... Jacob is thankful that Danny, our co-worker will be rebuilding the engine on the Hilux, not him! We also have three other vehicles, two Land Cruisers as well as a Canter, which carries about 20 people or A LOT of food and supplies for Interface.

 Jacob spends a lot of time in the wood working side of the Workshop which he enjoys. Recently he has been building many sets of steps and a door.
This tractor is used often to fix our road, or at least try to fix our road. :)


Here I am getting our Sunday Chicken meal in the oven while Jacob is busy upstairs checking out his rat trap. (No rat today.) I like to cook and bake in my new kitchen with lots of space. In the last few weeks I have been organizing our little home as well as planning for upcoming conferences. We will be hosting three conferences in the next three weekends. So I have been figuring out portions and ordering a lot of food. I am looking forward to being back in the kitchen again working with our national ladies, cooking for 100 people or so.

Hanging out in the Village...

Jacob is learning Pidgin English and culture from Kino. Kino lives in the village and also works with Jacob at Interface. It is always exciting to have someone who wants to help you learn language. Here Jacob is recording the story that Kino is telling about when the first missionaries came to PNG.

The best part about Jacob's language study is that I get to go with him to the village! It is always fun to go around and chat with the ladies.


Kino and Jacob

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
Amazing view from our back porch!