Sunday, July 28, 2013

Typical daily life with Jonathan...

 Hanging out with Dad, watching Rugby...

 Jacob concentrating on computer work, Jonathan concentrating on his hand and wondering what it does.

 Jonathan turns 5 months old!!

 Jonathan wonders how he got inside the water filter.

 And watches mom do the dishes.

 Happy to have tummy time in the pack and play!

 Not long before he starts crawling. :)

 Even though it is very hot here, Jonathan still pulls this white blanket over him many times while napping!

 Although this time his nap only lasted 15 minutes, I think he was a bit too hot!

 Jonathan's first meal!

 I don't think he liked the texture! Now we have a food processor and we are able to blend it very fine... and he is eating it up!

 Jonathan loves to chew and suck on anything soft!

Jonathan meets Lisa, one of the workers that will be helping us out every week!

Jacob hard at work!

 Jacob really misses his four-wheeler!! A wagon just isn't the same. We hope to go to Goroka next week to pack up all our belongings and ship them here! We hear it takes 3 weeks to ship things via boat.

Jacob is fixing a huge leak in the bathroom ceiling of the apartment downstairs. He just has to watch out for the dust and mold so his allergies don't act up... we were able to track down some dust masks in town, so that will help a lot when he is working!

Fresh fish!

 Here in Wewak, Jacob enjoys filleting fish... here is a Red Emperor that was given to Nate for the Interface students.

Hanging out with the Interface Students...

 Playing games in our home with the Interface students!

Nate and Jacob relaxing... puzzling (aka doing puzzles).

View from our back porch...

 Every day we get to watch planes fly in and out of the airstrip here in Wewak.

 There are small mission planes as well as large commercial planes.

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
Amazing view from our back porch!