Thursday, February 21, 2019

Back in Wewak! 2 weeks of Casted Leg Play!

Jacob made this wagon so Naomi could get around.

 Attempting to keep Naomi's cast dry in the rain...

And she could make that bike go with her cast on! Not using the pedals though, but still, she was determined to "ride" her bike!

 The cast started to come apart, so Jacob had to put duct tape around it!

 Finally, 2 weeks later, we soaked it in water and removed the cast!

It was very weak but healing well!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Valentine's Day, Gifts and Fun!

 Jacob and I enjoyed an evening together on Valentine's day while our neigbors enjoyed watching our kids for us! We celebrated the holiday with Strawberry Smoothies and by watching an episode of The British Baking Show!

 Jacob made this table for our porch, we all love it!

 Jacob's brother, Josh, sent Jacob a very nice Christmas present! He has wanted a Switch for a long time!

Jonathan is quite excited about his dad's new toy. :)

Heading off on Jacob's four wheeler to the Saturday night campfire for some yummy stick bread with jam and butter and fun times with friends and co-workers!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Jacob is back on a roof!!

 Almost 5 months after Jacob broke his leg after a fall off a roof, he is back up on a roof fixing a leak.

 He assured me that he was very safe!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Jonathan's 6th Birthday Celebration!

 Two weeks after Jonathan's birthday we were finally all together and settled back into Wewak so we celebrated Jonathan's 6th birthday!

 Naomi even got a little homemade play dough as a gift, something to do when she can't walk around so much!

 Decorating Jonathan's birthday cake together, very fun!

 Our new neighbors, came for Jonathan's birthday party!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Heading home again to Wewak!!!

 Finally 10 days after arriving in Goroka we were able to fly home! We got to see what the new Goroka airport looks like, but we weren't too happy that the flight was delayed and they sent us home saying we should come back the next day.

 But the next day we went back and at first it didn't look good. There were still no planes when we looked out the window. And then 5 minutes after we were scheduled to take off, the plane finally arrived. We were so excited!! We didn't want to spend another night away from Jacob!

It was a very long day because the plane was almost 2 hours late in taking off and then we had to stop in 2 other cities along the way to let people on and off and also get fuel. We finally made it home around 5 pm!! We were happy to be reunited again!!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Hanging out with Nate

Helping to make scrambled eggs.

 Nate, long time friend of our family, came over to make waffles, sausage and eggs with us.

 And we played games and he read books to the kids before bed.

Nate and I also tried to get the old Interface Kitchen oven going that has been sitting at the NTM Center. We cooked at Interface together many years ago. And we got it working!!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Jonathan's Birthday Race and Superbowl!

 Jonathan was very sad that we couldn't be together with dad for his birthday and celebrate with a fun party. But we found out that there was a 2K race happening on his birthday. So he still had a great time! :)

 Jonathan even got to race with his friend, Chloe!

 Naomi loved the swing, it didn't hurt her leg. And she loves to swing with Chloe!

 Jonathan came in 14th place, as you can see.

 But he won first place for his group, boys 6 and under!

 And he got a medal for it!

And he got a free doughnut too!!

 Naomi had to show us her drawing...

 We also enjoyed watching the Superbowl LIVE Monday morning! There was a group of people watching it and we got to join them! Here we are just celebrating the Patriots win!!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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