Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our May/June Interface Team has arrived!!

 Dustin, Caitlin, Sarah, Philip, Abigail, Mark, Katrina, Elizabeth, Jamie and Whitney. Our other student, Brooke was away visiting her brother on picture day. :(
 Our Hospitality team - Madison, Jessica, Ragan, Ope (top row) - Kitchen Crew
Stephen, Jonas, Richard, Till, Ben, Josh and Andrew (bottom row) - Maintenance/Security Crew
They are all a HUGE help!!

Our Current Interface Staff: Janie; Jonas; Julie; Till; Richard; Pete, Lesley, Jessica, Josh, Micah and Kelsey; Jason, Shannon, Kara, Wesley, Blake and Kylie; Drew, Bobbi, Gracie, Malachi and Annie; Jack, Janie, Sabra and Madison; Jacob and Beth

 Waiting at the top of our campus for everyone to gather to head to the village for a visit.
 Sone, a good friend, in the village.
 Ope and Ragan, my faithful kitchen crew, hanging out in the village.
 Village market for the students! I just like to get off campus and sit with the ladies and work on my bilem. I am making one for Jacob! Here in PNG most men carry bilems as well.
 Piku, another good friend, demonstrating a kids toy top at the village market.
A Bena men demonstrating to the students how to start a fire without matches.

Getting ready for the students arrival...

 We made lots and lots of sweet potato chips as well as tapiok and banana chips. We should have enough to serve for both Interface teams! Kesi, Linet, Piku and Ninike helped me!
 Kaukau, or sweet potato, chips.
 The dining hall is clean and ready to go....
 Anyone want a banana?? We have lots!!
Utu, Piku and Efeke having fun with an apron that was donated to us!
 A tortilla rolling party!!
 And the guys were pretty good too! Those cooking classes are paying off!
 Julie cutting the little baby carrots... we have to work with what we have!
 Before the students arrived we went to the veggie market in town to buy all the produce, meat, bread and dry good!! Lots and lots of food!
Julie and I picking out pineapple. I can't bring myself to eat pineapple at home after getting freshly grown pineapple in PNG!

I also love this fruit, sugar fruit... although I've never seen it at home in the grocery store.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goodbyes once again...

 Our last meal together before program and before everyone starts heading back to Germany.... Jacob and I, Jonas, Richard, Till and Julie -at Julie's house.
Our last game night together before Till headed back to Germany. He actually made this board game himself for his fiance! Jacob and I, Richard, Till and Jonas.

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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