Friday, June 26, 2015

Back in Wewak again!

 Attempting to take a picture of the large white bird in the tree right behind our house.

 The future garden that popped up behind our house to the right.

 A big treat! Lettuce in Wewak! Jonathan loves to help me spin the water out. :)

 "Working" on his computer.

Playing on his computer.

 Nannie and Jonathan in Wewak together :)

 Jonathan still perfecting his picture taking ability.

 Like father like son.

Relaxing in our new hammock.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Heading back to Wewak!

 Check-In here...

 Waiting area...

 Windows where we can watch our plane come in to pick us up.

 Our plane...

 And we are off!

 After a crazy, fun and very busy three weeks in Madang, we were very excited to get back home to Wewak to show Nannie our life in Wewak!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hellos and Goodbyes.

We were excited to see our former co-worker, Janie and niece Ragan again! As well as a cook friend, Anna! They traveled over with the students! Jacob was also excited that God provided a new computer for him, someone would donate half of the money, if he bought a Mac. :) Jacob really likes it!  The students also brought over some other electronics that we needed to replace the things that were stolen. So good to start having life back to 'normal' again. :)

 Jonathan had to say goodbye to the trampoline.

The Madang Devine family with the addition of Nannie and 'big Jonathan' (adopted member of the family. :))

 After saying Hello to the Interface students and some former co-workers and friends, we had to say goodbye two days later. There was work waiting for us in Wewak. Jonathan and his new buddy "big Jonathan".

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kayaking nearby

 Ready to kayaking!

We tried to take the kayaks out here, just in front of the NTM centre, but the tide was too low, so we took a little walk and found another spot.


 Jonathan loved it!

 And Jonathan liked having "big Jonathan" there too!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Nate arrives.... time to buy the food..

 Nate arrived in Madang one week after we arrived. This is Nate's reaction to the new kitchen! He was amazed at how much work was done in one year! So wonderful compared to what he had to work with last year for the Interface program!

 Then we headed to town to order our food supplies for the summer! First we ordered the wholesale food, to be picked up later.

 It was a fun day of shopping! We were surprised to find almost everything on our list! And we were so thankful for a new Butchery that opened in Madang last year. It is run by Germans, kept very clean and has quality meat including delicious German sausages!

 Just a little food  :) Cooking for 60 people this summer!

 And boy was there a lot food stock piled!

 We continued to load up our van all day and there was just enough space for a tired Jacob in the back. :)

 Then we unloaded it in the kitchen and started organizing and putting things away again!

 The dining hall is ready for the arrival of the students!

And we started to cook... Lena Chapman came to help out a few days early. It was fun to work with Lena again!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Madang fun!

 Nannie brought a painting book for Jonathan!

 And Nannie brought Kindles for Jacob and I. After living in the Sepik for two years we've come to realize that our books will not last long here. They become mildewy and dusty and create more allergy issues for Jacob. Plus it is just hard to carry books when we travel so much! Here Jacob and Jonathan are reading together. Jonathan is admiring Jacob's "different kind of book". :)

Nannie also brought Jonathan a HUGE puzzle. Which we they did finish eventually. :) He had a little help from Dad and "big Jonathan". There was an Interface student that arrived with Jacob's mom, his name is also Jonathan. (So thankful he and another student traveled with Cheryl!) And we found out that he has the same birthday as our Jonathan! They two of them got along great and our Jonathan loved doing everything with "big Jonathan". Since the the kitchen wasn't open for meals yet, big Jonathan ate every evening meal with us.

 Jonathan found a new exercise mat. :)

 We discovered a guava tree right outside our house!

 Hanging out after supper... reading books...


 Figuring out puzzles?

 Doing dishes...

  Then Lena, our good friend, came to help in the kitchen too, so she joined us for a few meals! And hang out times!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
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