Saturday, December 27, 2014

Enjoying a relaxing walk..

 Jonathan is ready to go... heading out on a walk to mail a letter and enjoy some play time on our long Christmas weekend.

 Walking from the NTM centre that we live on to the other NTM centre, just a two minute walk.

 Jonathan loves to visit Supply where missionaries order their food and supplies that is flown into their tribes. He loves to ride on the carts. :)

 Swinging all by himself!

 Heading back home after our little outing.

Enjoying Christmas Weekend!

 Relaxing at the local hotel pool/restaurant!

 Jonathan loves ketchup with fries! :)

 My delicious fish with salad! :)

 Too big?!

Thursday, December 25, 2014


 I put some more presents under the tree right before we went to bed on Christmas Eve. :)

 Christmas morning!
 We woke up and opened our stockings before breakfast. :)

Jonathan loved the little soccer ball key chain with flashlight! He opened that first and didn't want to open anything else. It took half an hour to open the four presents in his stocking. :)

 We enjoyed a delicious breakfast...oat waffles with papaya, mango and sour sop sauce as well as sausage and apple pear juice! A wonderful treat!

 Meanwhile Jonathan is still playing with his soccer flashlight.

 After we read the Christmas story we opened the presents. Jonathan received a tool apron from his Grandma and Grandpa. He was quite excited!

 Jacob made a new shelf for my desk so I could put my laptop higher and sit properly while using my computer. Now I am a lot more organized! Love it!

 Christmas is always a time for puzzles!

 This year we were able to buy a Turkey! The most delicious and moist turkey we have ever eaten! We enjoyed it for days! :)

 Well, even though our porch is always full of drying laundry we can still enjoy our Christmas dinner and the view! We also found potatoes for mashed potatoes this year! And we had green beans, rolls and apple pie! And of course Turkey!

 The view from our back porch!

Watching Veggie Tales Christmas. :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas cookies!

 Jonathan and I had fun cutting out the sugar cookies and ginger bread cookies this year. :)

 Every year we make Christmas cookies for our co-workers and deliver them on Christmas Eve Day. It is a fun tradition!

 Jacob loves to decorate the cookies too! I was happy to have some piping bags and food coloring this year to make a variety of cookies.

 Jacob and the cookie decorating mess!

 Putting all the cookies on the plates.

 We had to put the cookies in our freezer as soon as they were frosted so they wouldn't melt before we could deliver them. :)

Jonathan also tried to decorate too and he had fun decorating and eating. :)

Early Christmas!

 On Christmas Eve Day we received a package from my parents! I opened it quickly and took out some gifts that were wrapped and put the others away to wrap later. But before I could close the box Jonathan pulled out his new hat. :) It was so fun to receive the box before Christmas!!

 He put it on and said 'work'. He now has a hat just like Dad so he wanted to go to work because Dad always wears his hat to work. :) He even asked for his shoes too, his work shoes. :)

 But he couldn't go to work with dad, instead he played with his construction site. :)

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
Amazing view from our back porch!