Saturday, June 29, 2013

A few last Nova Scotia photos...

Thirty years ago Jacob wore these fancy sweaters and hats to church on Sunday. Jacob's mom was happy to give them to us so that Jonathan could also wear them. :)

Jacob's mom planted a White Ash tree in honor of Jonathan. Every time we are home he will have his picture taken by this little, later big, tree and we'll see how fast it grows and how fast Jonathan grows. :)

Traveling around the World... to Papua New Guinea!!

 We began our journey in Halifax airport in Nova Scotia... where they have rocking chairs at every gate! Nice! Especially at 5 am!! Yes, Jonathan is in there somewhere, under all the clothes. :)

 We had a six hour layover in Boston, MA, so my mom drove over to see us one last time. :) Jonathan was shocked to see his grandmother again. :)

 But he was happy to play with Grandma, and Grandma was so happy to see Jonathan again after 2 months apart!

 This is what we looked like as we went through many airports!!

 Hanging out in a hotel along the way...

 Jonathan is a little overwhelmed... the carry-on bags are larger then him!

 But it is easy to distract him and he was having fun once again!

 Enjoying a life of ease, relaxing on the pillows!

 And we were back to the airports once again... Jonathan and I watched the luggage while Jacob tended to other things. :)

 Sleeping in the plane...

 Walking through the airports... when we didn't have a cart... many people told him he looked like a pack mule. :) Poor guy!!
 We waited in line a lot, to go through customs or board shuttle buses!

 And more waiting...  for the next flight...

 Jonathan sleeping in his bassinet on the 14 hours flight from LA to Brisbane... and he slept a long time! :) We also slept a lot! :) We were so happy that he had a bassinet and so happy that we had extra leg room. :)

The basinnett was right in front of us... as you can see here... Jacob watching a movie and the bassinet was right in front of that! But it worked great!

 After a 14 hour flight from LA to Brisbane, we rushed to go through customs and get to the gate before our domestic flight took off. We arrived just in time... and headed to Cairns, Australia. We enjoyed a break from traveling and stayed one night at the Tree Tops Lodge run by Wycliffe Bible Translators!

 Taking a walk in Cairns...

 Just two more flights... Cairns to Port Moresby, PNG and then Port Moresby to Wewak!!

 And a little more waiting... so, more time to take pictures. :)

 Jonathan did so well as we traveled for four days! He even had his own little seat belt that connected to mine. :) He loved to look at all the new people and places. And when he got tired he just fell asleep in our arms. :)

When we finally arrived in Papua New Guinea Jonathan was very excited... he met Donnell, one of the NTM representatives in the capital city of Port Moresby.

 Once we arrived in Port Moresby, (POM), we just had one more flight.... to Wewak!! But we had a long wait in a very hot place!

And there were lots of other people there because not many of the normal flights left on time. We were so happy when they finally announced that the plane to Wewak was now boarding. :)

Wewak Support Center, our new home!

 The Wewak support center is located on a hill above the ocean... such a wonderful view from all locations around the center. This NTM center has two properties. The Upper base, as they call it, is a bit larger with a workshop, store, guest housing and a few staff homes.

 This is the workshop, where Jacob will spend a lot of time!

 Just outside the workshop and store, or supply area, there are a few vehicles that Jacob is responsible for maintaining.

 Some of the staff homes on the upper base.

 This is a view from the upper base, looking towards the lower base. (Where we live!)

 Our apartment is the one with the higher porch... where the cloth diapers are hanging on the line. :) We have an amazing view of the ocean!

 Here is the lower base... the office, conference hall and a few more staff homes.

The kitchen is also in the conference hall. Although it is very very small compared to our Interface kitchen. Nate, the chef, who flew over with the team, has to make do without a lot of things!

Our New Apartment!

 Front of our new the right are three more apartments.

 Love the porch swing!

 Our Kitchen... when we arrived our stove from Interface was there! So nice! Jonathan loves to hang out in his chair. :)

 Right now, all of our furniture and house hold items are in Goroka, except for our stove and washing machine. So our house looks a little empty. The kitchen table has become one big desk for our computers.

 Our living room.

 Jonathan's room... so nice that he has his own room now!!

 Our room... no need for any blankets, just one sheet will do. It is very hot here!

 Yes, we do have toilets that flush, running water and a shower. :)

 Our porch, so nice! I'm so thankful to have my own washing machine here already because I wash cloth diapers every day! Jonathan goes through the diapers so fast but they take a while to dry in this humidity!

 Our porch is the one on top... a view from the other base.

 Normally we eat our meals on the porch. We have a nice breeze and a beautiful view!

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in Wewak, Papua New Guinea

in Wewak, Papua New Guinea
Amazing view from our back porch!