Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Walk-In Cooler works!!!

Our walk-in cooler broke down at the end of our January Interface team... a very sad day. An even sadder day came when we found out the price to get it fixed. But then there was hope... the Coolbot! As you see, it is very empty, but Wednesday is coming... this is the day we will go to town with our big truck and buy enough veggies, fruit and bread to feed 200 people for three meals! Great fun! Jacob is a good sport.... driving me all around, hauling boxes of food, putting up with my strange excitement over food I find that the stores or market hasn't sold in a long time. :)

It is pretty amazing actually. We bought the largest Air conditioner unit we could in town, a split unit. And we had the Coolbot sent to us from the states. We had some expert AC and Electrician guys come out from our NTM Center to rewire and install this new system. Thank you! The Coolbot attaches to the air conditioner and transforms it into a refrigeration unit! It keeps the walk-in at 33-38 degrees F. It is like walking into winter, well ok, I guess it is colder at home in the winter. But I had to wear a pretty heavy coat when I was in there for a long time relabeling all the shelves. :) I am quite excited to cater our Center's conference next week now that the walk-in is up and running.... more pictures of that to come.

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Timothy Weber said...

Hi! I designed the electronics in the CoolBot, and it's always really wonderful to see photos of it in place and helping people. Thanks and good luck with your efforts!

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