How to Pray and Give to Support the Devines re:2013-2015

June 2, 2013 - Our tickets are booked and we head out of Halifax, Nova Scotia to Phoenix, AZ on Friday, June 7th! On June 11 we fly to Australia (a two day journey) and on June 14 we fly to Papua New Guinea!! Please pray for the finances for our tickets to continue to come in quickly so we can pay off our credit card!
Pray also that the finances for moving our belongings to Wewak via plane and boat will also come in quickly!
Pray for a smooth, fun and relaxing trip around the world with Jonathan! Thank you!!
 July 4, 2013 - Wow! Our home assignment is over and we are back in Papua New Guinea... but not at the Interface Campus... we are now in Wewak! Still hard for us to imagine all that has taken place in the last year. But we are happy to be here and enjoying the new Interface program here in Wewak. We are starting to adjust and settle in to our new home here in the hot Sepik, getting used to the heat and learning our new ministries. Jonathan is adjusting well, just needs a little help with his naps. :)
Thank you all for your prayers over the last year of home assignment! Please continue to pray for God's provision for money to cover our plane tickets. God has provided $1000! We need $3000 to finish paying for our tickets that we just bought. Also, we are expecting to have to pay in order to ship our things from Goroka here to Wewak... not sure how much yet. Please pray that God continues to provide for us by covering these costs as well. We head up to Goroka on July 25th to figure out the best way to send our things here to Wewak.
August 22, 2013 - We are here in Goroka at the NTM Center and we have just finished sorting and repacking all of our belongings. Tomorrow we head back to Wewak with a plane load of our belongings. The rest of our things we have put into 4 crates that will eventually be trucked to Madang and then put on a ship to Wewak. But the problem is that the Shipping company is taking a one month break. So we wait. 
Please pray that the shipping company will be up and running in a month, as they say. And please pray for the finances for us to truck our crates to Madang, about $500. Pray also for the finances to ship our things via boat from Madang and Wewak. We don't know what the cost will be yet. And as we head back to Wewak tomorrow with some of our more necessary and important belongings, pray as we settle into life in Wewak. Pray also for God to provide the finances for our belongings to be moved with us via plane, about $530. We are quite excited to be able to stay in one place for a few years!!
September 18, 2013 - The shipping company is now up and running again! Our crates will be trucked from Goroka to Madang very soon. Today we found out that we won't be able to use the cheaper method of trucking by PMV, public motor vehicle, truck. Instead we will need to have a truck with a container take our crates to Madang. This will cost extra money plus we won't be able to split the cost with anyone, as we originally thought. Please pray for God to provide the $1470 needed to truck our four crates from Goroka to Madang. We also received a quote from the shipping company. Our four crates, 12.14 cubic feet, will cost $1406 to ship from Madang to Wewak. Please pray that God will provide this money as well. God has already shown us that he can provide and we look forward to watching as he continues to provide for our needs. If all goes well our crates should arrive in about 3 weeks, right around my birthday! :)
November 9, 2013 - Wow, God has provided once again! It is so neat to see how God provides for our needs! Our crates arrived here in Wewak on October 2nd, just in time for us to unpack a little bit before my birthday. :) Now, a month later, we are completely unpacked and feeling at home in our house. There is only one last thing to do... hang up our photos and a few curtains on the walls. :) God has also provided all the funds that we needed to cover the costs of shipping our things via plane, truck and boat a total of $5218!! Thank you to those of you who prayed for this need! And thank you to those of you who gave to provide for us in this way!! 
February 22, 2014 - God continues to provide for us in amazing ways as we look to Him for strength, wisdom and guidance each day to raise Jonathan. He has been through some hard times with a few sicknesses but he is doing well. And we are learning more and more about how to relax and enjoy each day and rely on God for everything, not just to get through the hard things. Jonathan turned one this month!!
God continues to provide for us financially! We have seen more people partner with us financially over the last few months, we are now at 75% support! We have seen God provide money for us to buy a new chest freezer! And we have seen God pay off our debt here in PNG, which was a result of lack of monthly support for our family of three. Now we are excited to see Him raise our support level a bit more, to reach 100%!
Thank you all for praying and giving in order for us to be here!! 
November 30, 2014 - God continues to provide in so many ways, physically, emotionally and financially! Jonathan is talking and learning so much. He will be 2 years old in February! So hard to believe! We are now at 81% of our support level!! Thank you all for your prayers! 
May 24, 2015 - God continues to protect us and enable us to serve Him here in Wewak. We are always encouraged when we look to Him for everything! And we are always so encouraged knowing that there are so many of you praying for us back home! We wanted to ask for ya'll to pray for us again. At the end of April a couple of men broke into our home and stole Jacob's computer, our external hard drives, video camera and camera. Please pray that we continue to recover from this crazy incident. And please pray for us to be able to replace the items that were stolen. We have already seen God work and provide and know he will continue to provide for us!
We also want to ask for your prayers as Jacob's mom arrives next week!! So excited to have her here! Please pray that she will enjoy her time here and adjust to the PNG culture!
Also, as we think about heading home in November, please pray for all the logistics to fall into place. We are very excited to report that God has already provided a vehicle for us! And He has already provided a large portion of our ticket money! Please pray that the rest of the money will come in for our tickets before we head home. And pray also that God will provide an apartment to rent in MA. We are excited to see how God will provide once again. :) 
August 18, 2015 - God has continued to heal us after the robbery in our home. And he has enabled us to replace everything that was stolen. But please pray that God will provide the rest of the money needed to finish paying for these electronics. 
We had an amazing time with Jacob's mom, Cheryl, here for 10 weeks - 3 weeks in Madang helping out with Interface and 7 weeks here in Wewak! God's perfect timing! We had lots of good talks and times together! And I was able to get completely caught up in the office plus write a instruction manual for my ministry in the Business office for my co-worker who will replace me while we are at home. Plus Jonathan and Nannie loved spending time together!
We will be heading home to North America in three months! We are excited and a bit nervous as we think about all that God has yet to do. Praise for an apartment while we are in Nova Scotia! Prayer for an apartment while in MA. And praise for almost all of our tickets paid!

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